Full Specs of HTC One M10

HTC expects big things from his upcoming flagship, the manufacturer wanted to reaffirm this even through the last teaser video, aware that the future of the company and trust toward its customers, will depend very much on the success or failure will have HTC One M10.

Full Specs of HTC One M10
Waiting to know the date of the official presentation, which should not be wait much longer, a twittering on Twitter has created further hype, generating much of complete specifications, extrapolated from a ROM for developers, belonging to M10. Unpronounceable name of the developer who posted the tweet (such xXminiWHOOPERxX) shows a data sheet rather credible and fairly in line with rumors circulated in recent days.

According to the source, on the processor there would be no more doubts, Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 will represent the engine this top of the range button, the display, although the size has not been reported, will adopt a resolution QHD (2560 by 1440) and there will be not even 4 GB of RAM.
The real news, which would outline better HTC One M10 would reside in an infrared sensor, a scanner for fingerprints (though already rumored) and with surprise, would be shown the IP68 certification to protect the device from dust and immersion in water. Complete then the list, 3500 mAh battery and three memory storage cuts range from 32, 64 and 128 GB.
Evleaks would later returned to intervene from your Twitter profile, what should be the brand name of the device, a simple HTC 10, according to renowned leaker. The scene would seem to be very positive, to make it more competitive in the high-end segment finally HTC.