Galaxy S6: These Extra Camera Modes Are Well Hidden

That Samsung has an own app store, is noticed maybe a one of you. But few will have undergone its offer a closer look. The additional camera modes for the camera of the Galaxy S6 and another top models that are not installed at the factory on its smartphones Samsung and Galaxy app store “hidden” show that this certainly can be worth.
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You can also install following recording programs:
-Surround shot: one composed of many individual images, such as photosphere by Google, 360 degree ball shot.
-Animated photo: animates an object in the picture that moves then.
-Sequence shot: A burst for the selection of the correct image at the right moment or short slow motion shots.
-Shot sports: short exposure times, so that capture fast-moving subjects.
-Food shot: to make the colors of food on food porn pictures lively.
-Sound & shot: a photo takes up with a few seconds of background noise.

So You Installed The Additional Shooting Modes For Galaxy S6 And Co.
The additional camera presets are Samsung’s app store, which now operates under the name Galaxy apps. You must find the six new modes but not from the wide selection of apps in the photography category, but she gets collected displayed, if you click on “Download” in the camera app directly in the overview of the recording modes.
The additional shooting modes are available not only for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge, but can be installed also on other Samsung smartphones. We could reach them note 4 for example also through the camera of the Galaxy, the Galaxy note 3 they were not us but available.
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