Galaxy S7 Vs. Professional Camera: How Fast Is The Dual Pixel Auto Focus?

The Galaxy S7 edge in the auto focus shootout: The Samsung top models featured the MWC 2016 Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge should focus especially quickly with their cameras thanks to dual-pixel auto-focus. Although the sale of smartphones has not yet started, first videos to the camera power on the Internet are in circulation.
A user from Thailand pits in two videos Canon EOS auto focus of the Galaxy S7 edge against the auto focus of the full-blown digital SLR 70 d, as reported GSM Arena. While the tester in the first placed again and again an item – or his own face – from two cameras in rapidly changing intervals, he tests the focus in low light in the second film.
Galaxy S7 Edge Camera Convinces Even In Low Light
In both cases, however, the Galaxy S7 edge leaves a slightly better idea than the professional camera – surprisingly even though both devices at the auto focus put on the same technique. The S7 edge as well as the Canon 70 d use the so-called “dual pixel auto focus”-technology. It recognizes the camera by using separate pixels which change the focal length should be made.
In the first video is clear to see that this brought about a Galaxy S7 edge apparently faster than the Canon EOS 70 d. In the second video, it is also apparent that the Samsung top model in low light shows even more detail than the digital SLR camera, what could be related also to the F-number. After all, this is clearly will than that of the Canon camera with a f/3.5 at the edge of S7 with f/1.7. However, it surprised that it can absorb a Smartphone such as the edge of S7 in the rapid test, at least with an SLR.