Get to Know Shure’s Best Microphones and Headphones in Brazil

Shure has several types of microphones and headphones for sale in Brazil.Built to meet different needs, depending on the user, the accessories are compatible with smartphones and desktops and have several additional features to facilitate on a day-to-day basis, such as plug & play connection.

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Check out the full list of Shure accessories available in Brazil and choose which one fits best in your routine.Prices range from $ 400 to $ 1,200 and the MOTIV line also comes to prominence with professional microphones.

For mobile

MV88 – iOS Digital Stereo Condenser Microphone

Compatible with all Apple devices with a Lightning port, including the iPhone 6S and iPad Pro , the accessory is capable of capturing high quality field recordings and features a flexible hinge that can rotate up to 90 degrees.

The microphone at ElectronicSencyclopedia has advanced features such as five preset DSP modes, five-band equalizer, stereo-width control, and more.The average price of the equipment is R $ 1,252.

MVL – Lapel Microphone

This accessory can connect to any tablet and smartphone, and can pick up audio from all directions.Designed to be used in events such as speeches, field recordings and journalistic reports, the average price of the microphone is R $ 580.

For PCs

MV5 – Digital Condenser Microphone

This model is compatible with PCs, Macs and smart phones and is designed to be used with recording of voices and acoustic instruments.By aiding in podcasts or video chats, the microphone has three DSP modes and can connect via USB or Lightning.

The MV5 also features built-in earphone output for real-time monitoring and custom capsule.The microphone is sold in five colors and is accompanied by a table stand and integrated adapter for 1/4 “tripods.The average price is R $ 832.

SRH440 – Precise monitoring for playback and recording

The SRH440 is designed to reproduce audio with precision and comfort.The headset features adjustable, shell-shaped capsules designed for better recording and monitoring.

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The product has been optimized for use at home and features a gold adapter, which can be connected to any PC, and a 3 meter cable.The average price is $ 800.

For those who need resources

Shure SRH 145 / m +

These portable headphones are compatible with desktops and smartphones and have a built-in microphone.The handset offers full range audio with lightweight design that covers the ear and the structure is closed, generating isolation of external noise.

The ear protectors also have ergonomic adjustment.The equipment is accompanied by a three-button remote control, which allows you to adjust volume and control audio playback.On iOS devices, you can also answer or interrupt calls.The average price is $ 400.

Shure SE112m

Aimed at iOS devices, the SE112m uses a dynamic microdriver to reach frequencies between 25 and 17,000 Hz, with a sensitivity of 105 dB SPL/mW.The handset is recommended for use as a stage return and was designed to be comfortable, relying on two types of different plugs: straight or over-the-ear.

The headset features a durable fixed non-moldable cable that includes a built-in microphone and remote control that can be used to navigate in media and answer calls.It has three different sizes of ear buds and a nozzle cleaning tool.The average price is $ 420.

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September 29, 2017

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