Glue Shoes to Feet

When the Mail Online yesterday afternoon I read this news I really had to laugh. We know that the designers have a tremendous fear of slips of the models on the catwalk but perhaps, get to the solution adopted by the famous fashion designer Marc Jacobs seems to me far too excessive.What does he do? Well, paste your shoes at the foot of the models. No, not metaphorically.Materially. As? Using the glue for wigs: a nice pass inside the shoes and the models do not lose your shoes, even if, as often happens, the foot number does not match that of the shoe.


The question that immediately comes to mind is: how to remove the shoe? The is not easy and especially painful enough to be a model. In addition, the risk on the catwalk in the case of cuduta, is that of limb breakage: the scene would perhaps less glamorous than a riotousdefaiance catwalk that makes everyone smile but that in the end no one (or almost) is remembered.
But the Sunday Times Style Magazine has just reported that during the fashion show of Louis Vuitton SS 2012, which took place last fall, all the models’ feet were glued to the shoes! And indeed the technique worked: the marvelous show last spring, cost well $ 1 million, was completed without any hitch-fall as it happened during the Versace fashion show last September. Ahiahi hope that Marc Jacobs launches fashion not even glue in the shoes. I find it an atrocious practice! Would not it be better to wear the models their true shoe size?