Google Glass Is Updated to KitKat, Eliminates Video Calls and Adds New Features

After several months without receiving news the Google Glass they will receive a important update This week, a new version whose most important novelty is that Google goggles updated to KitKat.
In more than two years of existence of the Google Glass they have been using Android Ice Cream Sandwich, an already very old version. The Google Glass is now updated to a version based on Android KitKat, a major change that will make the battery last longer, be more reliable and easier to upgrade to new versions in the future. Developers can now use KitKat SDK along with the new version of the GDK to create their applications for the Google Glass.
This new version of the operating system for the Google Glass Add new features, but it also eliminates one. Removed from Google Glass video calls, This function is not the height, and less than 10% use them. Video calls will return to sunglasses in the future as they improve the experience.
The Google Glass in this new version now displayed several grouped photos when the user wants to explore your photos and see more photos with fewer landslides rather than pass photos one by one. With Hangouts for Google Glass now users can send a photo as a message to your contacts.
Also added the option of send comments and suggestions to Google Glass team from card information contained in settings, and the option to see all voice commands sorted by date of use and frequency.
The Google Glass still more taxes are found only on sale in United States to $1,500 through the program Google Glass Explorers that makes it is missing to get invitation. During the day April 15, in the United States, at 6 am PDT, will go on sale a limited number of the Google Glass without invitation.