Google Invites to Play Ingress during The Google I/O 2013 and Learn More in Depth about Their Development

It seems that this Google IO 2013 will be with more content on games than previous years. Reviewing the different sessions, we have several lectures on game development in the track of Android. And in the leisure plan, all attendees have received an invitation to play with Ingress, the game in beta developed by Google. The Google IO will be the perfect excuse to create the largest battle between illuminated and resistance environment Conference and the city of San Francisco.
The team of Android development and in general Google (NianticLabs@Google), It takes half a year experimenting with his game Ingress (still in beta and only accessible by invitation). The application will serve as example in some of the talks, in which developers will have in-depth experience on the development and design of games on Android.
Ingress has served as a tremendous field of tests around the world for games of this type that use augmented reality, Geolocation, interaction in real time, use notifications and the creation of communities throughout different countries (even pushing the use of Google + for this purpose). Is 100% a game created for Android and using to maximize each of the elements offered in mobility.
The use of the mobile network and the location is done intensively. An ecosystem of sites has been created through the interplay of thousands of players and, above all, areas the users move. The fight between illuminated and resistance to served as an excuse to collect millions of data and as a test application to learn how to make best purely mobile games.
Perhaps after this Google IO the game no longer in beta and open to everyone. But with the danger that has tried to avoid Google’s saturation of players and the massification of points. Right now there is much difference between areas such as downtown Madrid or more isolated places without just points of Ingress game.

ingress Version 1.25.2

  • Version of Android: Since 2.3
  • Developer: NianticLabs@Google
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: free
  • Category: Games