Google I/O 2016: Virtual Reality, Android N, New Assistant, And More

On the IO Developer Conference, Google has in store had again a lot and once again shows us how wide the company is positioned. We report on the top new features.
Google has held its annual I/O Developer Conference on May 18 and on her presented the plans of the company for the year 2016. We summarize for you:

Android N

With Android N, Google implemented some new features in its mobile operating system. Among other things: A split-screen mode seamless updates and improvements of the battery life. These are just a few of the new features. N for more information about the still name loose Android (usually it is named after a sweet dish) can be found in our Android N article.

Google home

It provides a response to Amazon’s echo with Google home and tried to conquer the human Habitat: the House. This gadget looks relatively innocent and could pass even as a decoration. It is a speaker that is equipped with the as featured Google Wizard with the haunting name of “Google Assistant”. So various tasks can be done, such as z.B by voice command:

  • Ask Google
  • Stream music
  • Tasks create (alarm clock, timer, etc.)
  • Order theater tickets
  • Smart control home gadgets

The White cone like object can also personalize is, you can replace the base. On the top are four colored LEDs in the Google to see colors. It will appear in the course of the year; It did not give an exact date and a price. Google wants to replace with the smart Gagdet simple speaker, to hear that all the time. Nightmare or welcome helpers?

Daydream as VR platform

With Google cardboard showed you that virtual reality can be also cheap and accessible for everyone.Google wants to provide a framework for the virtual reality with daydream and published the right platform. Although one has presented also a design, which should serve as a guide, but is an own VR glasses not to see. This shows Google apps such as YouTube or street view. Here, one can only say: go Google! A universal platform for Android devices is necessary to provide some structure to the user.

Google Assistant

Google now has been introduced with Android Jellybean and should be only the beginning. The more or less useful cards now on tab have been extended with the service and should be replaced by Google Wizard. This one will go more in the direction of personal assistant as Cortana or Siri. After all, one has the concentrated power of the largest search engine behind, so that you can accomplish much. More complex tasks are solved by using a quasi-KI. The service is personalized and also asked questions. The whole thing is integrated into the Gmail app on iOS and Android. Also the new WhatsApp alternative Allo (this includes any more) or Google home are equipped with Google Assistant, so that one can make soon much more with Google.

Allo and Duo

What is behind these two terms hidden is relatively simple: A Messenger and a video calling app. The integrated Google Assistant is mentioned as an added value. While it is used not only as a helper, but learns from your conversations and generates possible answers, which you can submit. In the summer, should it appear, encrypts his and available for the two major operating systems iOS and Android.Whether users are turned away from WhatsApp, telegram and co. but the question is. It’s less about the more functionality, but rather about where are more contacts.
With duo is joined by a video calling app in the app’s repertoire by Google. From the trailer, you can see that this app is relatively simple and will no longer make as to enable live video conversations. By the way, she reminds me a bit of video telephony from Snapchat. You can see a preview of kind of and can accept the video call or reject. If you been really successful, is questionable.

Android instant apps

With the instant Google apps you takes a further step in the direction of “I try an app like, before I install it”. In the exact sense you will perform app features, without having the app on your Smartphone. As an example, paying on a parking meter will be shown by Google, where the corresponding part of the app is just streamed. It will take still a while until the developers unlock instant apps as a feature for users. It would simplify many processes and save time as well.

Wear of Android 2.0

Two years after the launch of Android wear the biggest update for the Smartwatch platform is delivered according to Google. In addition to design changes, some new features are implemented. One of these features is, for example, the display of different information in the Watchfaces, which come from other apps. Also communicating is easier, because it implements a keyboard, write phone supports Swype or normal input. Android wear 2.0 automatically can start workouts, so that you will be tracked without command. Also apps that function without Smartphone, will be possible. As the release date you eyeing the autumn 2016, while currently on the developer preview can be accessed.

Conclusion with regard to the Google I/O 2016

Of course, that was not all the Google Developer Conference. For example, Android apps for chrome OS was announced. The main focus is at the Google Assistant and the related products. Google exerts is mighty, to be the dominant in terms of artificial intelligence. The trick here is not to deter customers. The introduction is I think in the next few years continue to slow progress, but over time more in our daily lives to intervene. We are definitely curious to see how Google will develop further. Who would have thought 15 years ago, the a search engine alone imposes so many developments?