Google Wants Android Wear Working With Iphone

In stores around the world soon
Missing two weeks to the start of sales of the Apple Watch in some countries – Brazil did not enter this list. While the accessory considered the “perfect match” for the iPhone does not hit the stores, Google works to gain a share of this market. So far, Android Wear-based smartwatches work exclusively in partnership with devices running Android. That should change very soon.
FaceTime on an LG G Watch R (photo: The Verge)
The Verge published images that show the operation of the Android Wear to iPhone. You have an LG G Watch R displaying a FaceTime call notification. For those who have not followed the technological world in the last decade, the feature similar to Skype is unique to Apple devices.
Another photo shows a Moto 360 with the option of accepting a call received on the Apple smartphone.
IPhone talks with a Moto 360 (photo: The Verge)
There are currently some wearables compatible with iOS. Microsoft, for example, sells theMicrosoft Band with an app that runs on the iPhone. The Fitbit also, but in both cases, the accessories do not work with the health center of the iPhone (Health App). They resort to gambiarras and proprietary technologies to do the count of steps throughout the day, for example. Perhaps Pebble is the best example of smartwatch that works well with Apple’s mobile phones. It seems that the company commanded by Tim Cook does not care about the alleged competition of a product launched in the Kickstarter.
What Does Apple Have To Gain?
Few people put their hands on Apple Watch to tell us what the experience is. On foreign sites, I noticed that the reports were about a legal product, but not essential. Still, it is the first completely new device that Apple has launched since the death of Steve Jobs. By unlocking Android Wear with iPhone, they could show a possible Apple Watch supremacy.
According to CCS Insight, 22 million wearables were sold last year. The number is expected to climb to 135 million by 2018. By showing itself better than the options around Android, Apple Watch could squeeze an important share of this new market.
What Does Apple Have To Lose?
Now let’s say that Apple Watch is not all that many expect. In this case, consumers would have more affordable options with devices running Android Wear. By opening the iPhone to Android Wear, Apple could truly be opening its legs to the main competitor. It would not do them any good.