Google Will Also do Assistant for the Car

The personal assistants are already well integrated on mobile devices, so now they must be implemented elsewhere.
The first real personal assistant “Siri” introduced the Apple with iOS 5 in 2011. The following year was Google ready with “Google Now”, when Android 4.1 Jelly Bean was launched.
Both services are extremely effective, and can help with a lot of tasks, but not yet with the use of the Danish language.
This summer was the Apple ready with an introduction of the “iOS in the car”, which among other things integrates Siri in the car, so you have hands-free access to the service, which can be controlled by voice. They told also that several car manufacturers, starting from 2014, would build in feature in various models.
Google will
Scott Huffman as is Google’s Engineering Director, to a Conference in Paris unveiled the Google’s plans with Service “Google Now”. It writes our site.
He says that “the next generation of search is about helping with your tasks, so you can get through the day faster and easier”
Scott Huffman is particularly interested in the car, as an excellent place to interact with their service and ask Google for information.
Also without the use of the screen
However, it is also the idea that Google Now in the future could be to function from the living room, and maybe just out from microphones without the use of the screen. It is about the fact that one would like to be able to speak with the service, which is already partly have the opportunity.
Scott Huffman dersuden mentions that Google is working on to integrate 3. party developers in “Google Now” feature, but also recognize that there are several issues that must be resolved before.
Meanwhile, the personal assistants develop both knowledge and now also working space, we have our fingers crossed that they will soon be taught in the Danish language, so also we can enjoy their full function.