Google Will Release an SDK for Wearables Based on Android in Some Two Weeks

Sundar Pichai, senior Vice President of Google responsible for Android and Chrome, announced today at the Conference of the festival SXSW which they will be taken seriously wearable devices market, Smart bracelets and watches.
He announced that in two weeks they want to publish the first SDK for Android-based wearables, expanding efforts to put Android in this kind of devices which are putting on the market so fashionable.
From Google want to offer his own vision of how they should be these wearable devices and offer with their SDK to OEMs and developers a common platform, a standard for communication and interaction between the wearables and Android smartphones. They don’t want the market to fill with non-compatible with all Android wearables or in which their applications are incompatible for other operating systems.
Sundar Pichai advises that still we will have to wait yet awhile for Google launch their own clock or smart bracelet. There will be an extended period of time for comments from the developers of the SDK collection to improve the wearables concept before launching a real device. Google wants to integrate Android into the greatest number of devices. Plans are now to take it to the wearables, cars and televisions.
A few weeks ago it was rumored that during the month of March, Google announced its first smartwatch, which would be sold in June, but now it appears that as much with the release of the first SDK for wearables would be a prototype for developers during the coming months were polishing the smart watch concept before launching a commercial version.