Google's Android Keyboard Gets a Much Needed Overhaul

Google’s own software keyboard for Android has a big update got a redesign and a host of new features known from other popular keyboards.
Android has always made it possible to replace the keyboard with other software downloaded from the Playstation store. Therefore, Google has also, of course, even a keyboard, which originally is a permanent feature of Android. However, fierce competition of the keyboard supplied keyboards from the producers themselves and, not least, the popular alternatives such as SwiftKey, Swype and Fleksy.
While many of the other keyboards trying to stand out from the crowd with a variety of different features and customization options, Google-the keyboard always only offered on the most basic functions. However, competition to Google now takes it by updating Google keyboard for version 5.0.
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The major update brings a completely new design with one of the so-called Material Design-so completely flat keys with a very minimalist expression. In addition, you can customize the buttons with edges in order to highlight the individual buttons location, just as you can adjust your keyboard’s height in different levels. First-time users will also be greeted with a brand new setup that quickly teaches you where the various shortcuts and buttons are located.
Writing experience is also improved markedly. When swiper words with predictive text now appears in the middle of the movements of the sliding keyboard’s top line, where they were previously followed the movement. A feature taken from other keyboards is also, that you can now delete the words by making a slide movement left from the delete-key.
Do you think that the smartphone is just a tad too big to operate with one hand, it may be that Google’s keyboard can now can alleviate the problem. The keyboard has the opportunity to be minimized to the right and left side and thus be made a tad less, so you can easily type with a single hand.
Hiding other, small changes, which you can check out by either waiting to update rolls out to your Android smartphone in Play-shop. Alternatively, you can skip the queue and download the APK file directly from the Android police’s website APK Mirror.
If you like iOS user think that Google’s keyboard might be interesting to try, you should arm yourself with a little patience. Although Google has a share apps available for iOS, the keyboard is not yet one of them. Helidgivs it’s on the way.