Gopro Awards: Manufacturer Awards Videos With $5 Million Annually

Movies with the action of the GoPro-series cameras might be worth in the future even more: GoPro will reward the best photos and videos every day. For this, the camera manufacturer wants to have jump up to $5 million a year.
Within the framework of the GoPro Awards lets users for content that will be uploaded on the GoPro portal, dusting off cash prizes as the verge reported every day. For top photos, GoPro donated $500, while an unedited film contribution even with 1,000 can be awarded. For an edited video, even $5,000 are to pick up.
Daily Winners Will Be Chosen
Every day winner in the competition should be selected according to the GoPro. Overall, the company wants to distribute $5 million per year to the GoPro filmmakers. Thereby the own concoctions into different categories can take part, about family, sports, music, animals, action. Also, the contents are again classified according to topics such as “the best recording of the trick” or “Families”.
Is also a small downside: who accepted the win, assigns a large part of his rights to the material on GoPro. According to the contest conditions, GoPro has the right not only to use the material in question, but to license to partners. However, GoPro promises to participate in the film should be a further licensing. How high, this participation is ultimately fails, leaves GoPro however.