Great Prosperity for Android Marshmallow

Google’s latest operating system is spreading rapidly, prior to the launch of the forthcoming Android 7.0 N.
In Google’s may Declaration of Android versions in the field, takes note of the company’s newest version of the operating system, Android 6.0 Marshmallow for a substantial progress.
Marshmallow is now to be found on the world of 7.5 percent of Android-powered devices, a near doubling of last month’s market shares, where operating system patterned total of 4.6 percent.
The operating system distribution comes as a corollary of that several of the biggest Android manufacturers, such as Samsung and Sony in the past month updated their latest flagship phones.

Aging Android versions continue to dominate

Generally speaking, it is still the older version of the operating system that dominates the Android-landscape. Thus draw aging Lollipop, KitKat and Jelly Bean 35.6 percent respectively, 32.5 percent and 20.1 percent of Android-cake.
Android manufacturers can look forward to the extra bustle on the software front, since Google surprised last month by showcase betas of the upcoming Android N earlier than usual.
Whether Android N will get an early launch this year, we will have certainty about when Google opens the doors for their i/o developer exhibition on 18. may.