Hats and Caps

On this page you will find a large selection of hats and caps for both girls and boys. You will find both practical hats and balaclavas and halsedisser, which heats really well, like you find cool hats and funny hats with ear and faces. 
At threergroup.com, you are guaranteed that you will find the hat that fits your child, and you are always guaranteed the best quality. You will find hats and caps for children from popular brands such as Peak Performance, Molo, Fub, Mini Rodini and many more.
Get your child on the ripe
Once used only hats for the kids, if they froze, but it has gone on to become a fashion craze today. As has always been used for baseball caps, to the shadow of the Sun, when the children were out playing, but these have also been a fashion craze, which is used even when the Sun is not promotion. Both hats and caps is to create a more casual look, or street to your child, and it provides an extra zing to the outfit. Hats and caps for children is not intended for a specific age, but goes largely to all ages. It is about finding the right hat or hat for your child, and therefore, it is important to think through what the need really is. If your son needs to be spiced up a summer day, so it is natural to choose a fat CAP as both styler look, but at the same time, and shadows of the Sun. Hats on the other hand, exists in both thick and thin cotton knit, and if they are to be applied one autumn day, so it is best to choose a bomuldshue, so that your child does not die of heat. Miinto.dk has a huge selection of hats and caps for children, and it is about finding the item that fits best. The many models, available in various colors and designs, so that we can guarantee that there is always a headgear to find for your child.