Havaianas Celebrates 50 Years: Yes, Yes 50, No Kidding!

It seems that they only carry few years between us but not. Havaianas is birthday and it is nothing more and nothing less than 50 years. In 1962, and in Brazil, these fun slippers were born, inspired by Japanese Zori that model still keep remembrance in their sole textured rice grains. Curious huh? But there’s more & #8230;

It was in the year 1962 were born when these fun and comfortable flip flops: the Havaianas, the original flip-flops 100% made out of rubber and inspired by the Japanese “Zori” model that even today, saved memory in its outsole with texture of grains of rice. A revolution for the feet of the Brazilians and later an it for everyone. The origin of its name? They were baptized as Havaianas in tribute to Hawaii and the spirit of pleasure and fun in this country.
From the beginning, to the Brazilian working class loved this product, two-colour soles (blue and white) and blue strips game, for comfort and durability. “Became so in “ the shoes of the people”.
But Havaianas evolved. An entire run of original flip-flops that were to occur in their traditional color, blue, ended up being green due to a technical problem. It was supposed that it would be a disaster, actually began a new era of Havaianas. The new color was so successful that they began to create models of colors: yellow, green, red and black.
In the 70’s ’, Havaianas began to have his first imitations, and in the 1980s, even with only four colors of the same original model, the Havaianas became increasingly popular among humble classes. While sold in places with little visibility, together with cleaning products and plastic bags, they were all a best seller!
Being an adopted brand 100% by the working class of Brazil, his challenge, already in the 90’s ’, was to conquer the middle class. In this situation, two curious discoveries helped to learn more the firm:
On the one hand, many lovers of these flip-flops began looking for differentiation in their Havaianas and for them turning the sole leaving the part of color face-up. This soon became a strong tendency which led in 1994 to the birth of the ‘Top line’, What was the first extension of product in 32 years. It was the start of another second era.
The second curiosity is that the Brazilian upper class used to be at home. Like this, Havaianas, a simple mark, had gone from being a quite normal product to more chic. He stopped being a simple rubber flip-flop to become a symbol of casual style.
Then the different advertising campaigns, partnerships with important events and ride of these designs of the top Brazilian models, makes in a worldwide phenomenon: Hawaii, Australia, France, Philippines. in fact in 2007 Havaianas opened a delegation in the United States and a year later in Europe. Today they are more than 85 countries those who can find a way to more fun and colorful walking.

To conquer Europe!

The good vibes of this firm arrived in Europe. Havaianas begins to conquer Europe with its “Brazilian Spirit”, implanting themselves in the best point of sale, massifiant its presence in European fashion magazines, opening their own shops in different countries, and appearing in a multitude of blogs, websites and channels of video-sharing by flashy video content. Then came the opening of the Havaianas e-shop the only place in Europe where you could find complete Havaianas collection.
In recent years Havaianas It has evolved with new models of sandals, slippers, sneakers, dancers and even waterproof boots, and all with the legendary the Havaianas inside rubber sole, but always comfortable, colourful and fun.
Havaianas Missoni
And Havaianas is characterized by its great wit time create and a clear example of this are the numerous and amazing special contributions that have been made in recent years with Havaianas. We have seen them in the Oscars ceremony and has collaborated with some of the best firms and international designers, making limited editions: Celine, H. Stern, Paul & Joe, Marimekko, Pinel & Pinel o Missoni.
Havaianas Missoni
It is clear that Havaianas is a product different from the rest. They are so special that many times do to make your hands feel jealous to see how the feet can enjoy this softness, lightness, freshness and comfort. In addition to its wide variety of colors and shapes that have made simplicity… a true style.
Secure attributes that have made the Havaianas a legendary product: no sweat, no slides, does not smell, does not transmit heat, resistant, soft, comfortable… and in a variety of colors and shapes! Congratulations!