Having Your Own Jeans Now Is Possible!

If there is a garment that can not be missing in the wardrobe of anyone, they are the jeans , because thanks to its versatility it is possible to combine them into casual outfits and relax.You no longer need to battle to find the one, simply follow these simple tips and highlight the best of you.

The ideal color

The colorimetry plays a fundamental role so that a garment looks as if it had been made for you, this also applies with the jeans as described in 800zipcodes. Choosing the right color is very simple, simply identify what your body is like.

  • Wide Legs: Jeans in dark colors will create the optical illusion of thinning.There is a wide range of tones: black, indigo, coffee … you choose!
  • Thin Legs: opts for colors such as white, beige and light denim ;Will give you a larger volume appearance while styling your figure.

Let’s talk about the hips

Hips are also a subject that is easy to understand if you know the basic cuts, if you do not know them, neglect, we list below:

  • Slim: it ‘s the tightest cut you can find.If you are slim you will look great, but if your hips are a bit thin, choose cuts that stop or just below the navel.
  • Straight or Chinese: Its design is a little looser, especially as it reaches the ankles.They also fit well with slender and broad-hued people, because thanks to their preparation do not cut the figure in two – where ends the pants and starts the abdomen.
  • Relax: they are the widest jeans you can find, only fit your waist and the rest is totally loose.They are not the option to arm your daily outfits, but to be at home or going camping, as comfort is your main feature.

About height

The last factor to consider is your height. Take note!

  • Medium to low height: cuts at the waist to balance the length of your body, so your legs will not look longer than the top.
  • Height medium to high: any cut feels perfect.

As an additional tip, if you have little pomp, the best choice will be to choose models with back bags, even with discrete prints to create greater volume.

How are your ideal jeans?