Headphone Beats New Studio, We Like!

Let’s start with what is obvious from the first hand grip, the quality of presentation. I me in was already echoed during the test wireless speaker of the manufacturer-the famous Beats Pill-the packaging at Beats should serve as an example to many builders.
Protected by a black and sober skin with pretty visuals of the object, the red box let you discover its wonders as the setting of a jewel.
First, a hard case with curved form will protects the Beats New Studio headphones. Below, a paper Pocket contains the warranty booklet, a sticker with the arms of the brand, a booklet of presentation of the range and a notice put on the road. Further below you will find a small cleaning cloth. On the side, stored in compartments, 2 cables-l’ one nude, the other with a remote control compatible mobile devices Apple-a carabiner, a micro-USB/USB cable and its nice USB adapter. All breathe the care brought to its development and made that we are already happy with his purchase from the opening of the box, bravo! Note the remote to navigate the audio tracks but offer also taking communication through its built-in microphone. Note that if the box has a label featuring compatibility with Apple products, the record suggests that some Android, Windows or Blackberry mobile devices would be also recognized, without elaborating unfortunately.
But a nice presentation for a hideous helmet would not make sense, of course. Fortunately, the Beats New Studio design is very successful, far more rewarding than that of his predecessor in my opinion. Black glossy of the arch, the sobriety of the lines, the smooth touch of the pads of the Atria, the disappearance of visible screws on the original model, everything contributes to the pleasure of the eyes and touch. Fully foldable, the New Studio – at least with regard to the model of test-mingled with harmony the black and red.
The New Studio is a helmet closed type Circum-little finger and has an active reduction of noise. Its range is 20 hours.The right atrium is a power switch measures and a State of charge to 5 leds light. Press and hold on the Beats logo puts the headset muted. Pressing the button to get started without active connect the ANC (Adaptive Noise Canceling) function which allows you to enjoy the discount active noise even in the absence of any musical signal.
Now listening. Beats headphones fans certainly will think that, because I like the so-called helmets audiophiles like B & W P3, I’ll still speak ill of Beats headphones? And well they are wrong!
I would not say that I would replace well Sennheiser Momentum by the New Studio – do not push! – but I agree have been very pleasantly surprised by this helmet that departs quite cartoonish sound from the old version to adopt more balanced sound reproduction, while making its strength. Plugged into my portable player Cowon Z2, the New Studio found out, to my surprise, settle for a piece of the pianist of Jazz Marcus Roberts with a delicacy that you would have never imagined. The low register is put forward, but it’s now a tonal color rather than a defect. The piano sounds a little rounder than in the reality but quite credible remains. By the way the song “Peyi a Bel” from the last album of Kassav, we’d dance on his chair with this nice but quite physiological restitution to the ear and catchy. Listening to the album of the moment, the “square root” of Stromae offers a dynamic look and impacts of felt. The New Studio is enveloping, feels surrounded by music, and is not the least of the qualities for a headset.
The comparison with a P3 B & W allows to realize New Studio cheat with reality bringing the soundstage and pressing the extreme frequencies, but it does rather well. We lose in contrast to the subtlety, making it a helmet more suited to modern music to classical music or other acoustic recordings. This is great, what exactly are lovers of this type of music it seeks.
At the level of comfort, it is very good, the pressure on the ears is firm but not oppressive, and I could keep it for long hours of listening without gene or overheating. Thanks for this its so soft pads. Passive sound insulation is good, it feels really immersed in his music, and I had not the breath problem mentioned by some users on the old version. On the other hand active insulation has not seemed to be stunning efficiency. May be, it is true, because the passive isolation makes it almost superfluous and its activation induces a decrease in the quality of the restitution.
This test may surprise some loyal readers, both the sound Beats brand philosophy goes to against the grain of my tastes in terms of audio rendering on a helmet. But if a product is good, it would be bad faith, of does not recognize.This Beats New Studio abandons neutrality for a restitution playing on the effects, but only the result counts, and it is very satisfying. Is fun to listen to his music, and he’s more comfortable on the dynamic music tracks, it is far from unbearable on more set pieces. When in its packaging and equipment provided, there is nothing wrong, we are in excellence. Just missing an air adapter, to look for the – any small-beast. Pity that as always with Beats the price of this helmet is so high. That said the previous Beats products have proved it wasn’t really an obstacle to their success…