Headphones P7, The New High-End

I had the opportunity in a previous article about him although I think mark Bowers and Wilkins, a company specialized in sound reproduction high-end, and whose field of activity everything of the mobile audio of luxury to the high fidelity through the nomadic sound and equipment for recording studio.
The range of headphones audio head roll, currently consisting of 2 products the P3 and P5, will launch the new model the P7 by the month of October, according to computerdo.
The name already tells us that the Bowers & Wilkins P7 will come to move to the top of the range B & W. The manufacturer does not have to used to go out a product every 15 days, needless to say that this novelty is expected at the turn. We already know that unlike the P3 and P5, P7 will be type circum-auralheadphones, the first of its kind at B & W. bit a circum-aural headphone encompasses the entirety of the ear, the goal is to create a better insulation against outside noise. On the other hand these helmets have a reputation to produce a less airy sound and be a less pleasant port on the duration. We wait to see what solutions have been chosen by B & W to work around these reserves. We already know that the manufacturer has adopted a technique called “double cavity” on the Atria to, I quote, contribute to “mold the edges of the pads on the ears of the listener”.
High-end forces, B & W systematically emphasizes noble materials. It will be the same on the P7, with a production combining leather for the coating of the headband and pads, aluminum brushed for headphones and stainless steel for the moving parts. This helmet will be fully foldable. The design, according to the first available visuals, approximates that of the P5. Given the devastating style of the latter, we don’t complain about not. We find a number of technical solutions adopted on the P5, as magnetic fixation of the caches of the headphones, 2 removable cablesone with communication taking compatible mobile devices Apple, large membrane (here a 40 mm speaker) simulating the operation of a high-fidelity speaker, etc. The frequency response would be from 10 Hz to 20 KHz and the P7 will weigh 290 grams. The advertised rate will be 399 euros.
Of course we will certainly offer you a test as soon as this new headset is in our possession. Highly!