Heroes and Their Watches

Pierce Brosnan as James Bond in “Die another day” wearing an Omega Seamaster Professional.
The watch as a prop in the film has a special significance. Whether as a souvenir or timer for an explosive device: it is symbol and timer at the same time. No other prop in the film has a greater effect than the expiring clock representing the fight time.

Rolex and James Bond

As probably the most famous representatives of stylish accessories, the film character is James Bond. Already in the novels of Ian Flemming, the British secret agent wearing a Rolex wristwatch. Accordingly, dangling from the clock Classic at the wrist of Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore and Timothy Dalton. In the films of James Bond hunting Dr. No. (1962), with love from Moscow (1963), Gold finger (1964), Thunder ball (1965), on her Majesty’s secret service(1969) and the man with the Golden gun (1974) James Bond wears a Rolex Submariner. In ball of fire, a Breitling top timer also finds its place, which serves the agent as a Geiger counter. In die (1973) Roger Moore is wearing a pulsar time computer quartz led a Rolex Submariner 5513. increased with built-in magnets and circular saw.
The late of 70s were worked in the film industry with product placement, so that other watch brands were allowed to dress the wrist of 007. In 1977, Seiko new sponsor is the James Bond movies. In the spy who loved me (1977) and Moonraker (1979), it is a Seiko LCD Digital. In the film eyes only (1981) is a Seiko quartz analog digital alarm chronograph. In Octopussy (1983), a Seiko sports 100 LCD is used.

Omega is Poster Boy

1995 Perice Brosnan the agent changes the character and also the watch brand, according to jibin123. Omega established himself as a figurehead of the spy in the fight against oppression. Omgega Seamaster Professional is to see for the first time in Golden Eye (1995) and graced the wrist of convincing Britain in tomorrow never dies (1997), the world is not enough (1999) and die another day(2002).
Casino Royale (2006) Daniel Craig takes over the role of British secret agent. He wears a Omega Planet Ocean and later an Omega Seamaster Professional. In a quantum of solace (2008), Omega is still outfitter of the James Bond series, as well in Skyfall, whose release Omega Planet Ocean 600 M unveiled a limited edition of the Seamaster. But also in other cult films get watches an important, sometimes they even become the hallmark of the film.

The Clock in the Bottom

The words “for five whole years he wore this watch in his ass!” And then, when he fell ill of dysentery, he gave me the watch and I hid for two years this bunch of metal in my ass!”Captain Koonz in Tarantino presents BB´s cult film pulp fiction (1994), the young Bruce Willis the only thing is left him by his father. A Lancet WWI trench watch. The clock has become part of his personality, and at the same time symbolizes the absence of the father, who have lack of time he had as a child with him. The clock is now only as a collector’s item.

Merciless Seconds Counter

In the action blast crank (2006), a Tag This year Career Automatic wears Jason Statham. When he wakes up in his apartment at the beginning of the film, he learns that he was infected with a synthetic poison from China. Now, he knows the time of his death. Continuous adrenaline kicks, which ensure that penetrates the poison not to his heart are his only chance of survival. The clock on his wrist is his constant companion on the way to death. Mercilessly, the second run while Stratham rears up like a berserk against his fate.

The Alarm Will Beep, the Zombies are Coming

The clock is a status symbol and expression of the personality of the characters. So Will Smith in the film bears I am Legend (2007) equal to two clocks: a Victorinox Swiss Army ST 400 Chrono and a Hamilton Khaki X-wind automatic. The reason for this precaution is simple: A virus out-of control has transformed humanity into bloodthirsty zombies. Will Smith is the only survivor in Manhattan. After the search and contact fails with other survivors, he tried using his own blood to develop an antidote. During the day he made the search for food. But when the dawn comes, the alarm will beep. It’s time to hide, in the night, the zombies take over the city.
The appropriation and representation of time in the film belongs to one of the most frequently discussed topics in film theory, because it illustrates how the film as an art form is different from other and older arts. Otherwise as for example at the theatre, it is possible using technical means to jump over time in the story, stop, speed up, or to run backwards the film. You can dive into dreams as in inception (2010), where Leonardo DiCaprio a wearing Tag This year Career automatic, or travel in the future. But regardless of in what film genre we are, one thing is certain: time is running.