Hit the Lipstick!

Hello girls, how are you?
You know those times that we buy wonderful lipstick and time passes it is the disappointment that was not good ?!
Often we fail to deceive us by lipsticks hits of the moment, but we forget that not everything decorates with our skin tone and especially with our style! So I decided to make a very interesting post on tips the ideal lipstick for you … so easy! Come on?
Black Skin
For black closed colors are always wild card!
dark red, brown, wine, grape …
For day to day shades bronze and pink brown fall very well. That gloss loved every day in the nude and gold tones are always a good choice.
What not matching: very clear lipsticks as lilac and pink. OK?
Brown Skin
Following almost the same trend black skin, with the difference that you can use the same colors more open tones.
red tomato and coral lipstick are always welcome!
burned pink is all good … you play!
What not matching: lipstick nude
Yellow Skin (Eastern)
This skin tone allows abuse colors. Pink fits perfectly * LOVE *, so choose the most burnt, aged and even pink.
If you prefer shades of red choose the more open tone, such as tomatoes.
What not matching: peach lipstick.
White Skin
Who has white skin should be careful not to overload the look, so you should give preference to the soft pinks, or cherry. Orange lipstick? On coral!
Pink gum is a lipstick that falls very well for the lighter … It’s sensational!
For the more traditional, a good gloss pearl goes well.
What not matching: lipsticks more closed as eggplant and wine.
So, did you like the tips? Now buy a lipstick was a lot easy?!
Join the tips with your style … Personal satisfaction guaranteed.