Home Decorators Table Lamp

Generous dimensions invites itself in a space to magnify. This is our must have the weekend and here’s why.

Why we need the lamp Collana ?

Surprising, the Colonna light plays the ambiguity by proposing a “Visual deception.

At first, his shade seems on a game of colored spheres that meander and appear to be in balance. They are actually imprisoned in a transparent glass ball. Another asset, it is headed to a nice Lampshade and comes in red version very arty or gray. The result is a decorative ultra lamp that gives style to your home.
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With what we use?

With its generous dimensions, height 53 cm and his drum Lampshade, lamp Collana is perfect on a contemporary wide console , a low buffet or a design row in timeless colours: white, grey, or black. In a large living room with sofas design or contemporary, she brings a feminine touch. Its looks well-rounded will soften a graphic decoration to the strained and geometric lines.

For what style of play?

Collana delights in sets in the contemporary style. Modern and stylish, it is perfect in a stay at the current colourful harmonies. In red, she boosts a white or gray background. It can also integrate into an atmosphere to warmer hues haloed Golden beige or taupe. In his gray version, she is wiser but also more design to fit in more toned colourful atmospheres.

Its ‘more’ practice?

The beautiful drum lampshade promises a mixed lighting. This lamp can be fitted with a 60 watt bulb that will deliver good lighting, according to necessaryhome.

Its ‘more’ deco?

His foot to the design new and definitely original. This game of colored glass balls trapped inside a transparent glass sphere reveals a unique style for a table lamp atypical.