Horse Riding Dressage Figures

When you start riding fly new and strange terms ears. You are taken away and driving in convoy behind each other. The instructor or instructor now provides all the clues where to look for and what to do. Usually, when the terms are used which are not used here in a day. Below are several figures, which you may encounter, explained.


For the first word???? bees. This is a place where you can horseback riding. You can have a single, this is a covered container, a container with a cap or a trough. A trough is a container in the open.
An official riding can have two sizes. A bin for elementary dressage with dimensions of 20m by 40m and a compartment where higher dressage riding can be and should be. This container has a size of 20 m by 60th


On the walls of the bucket hanging different letters. These letters indicate the place where you are in the tank, or where to start with a number. It is therefore important that you know where the letter is.
The 20m by 40 tanks hang the letters A, C, B, M, C, H, E and K. A mnemonic to remember the letters are: All Frisian farmers Pennies have a cow. The 20m with 60 containers are four characters to. The order of the characters becomes: AKVESHCMRBPF
There are also letters hanging from the ceiling. This is the X in the middle of the tank. D, which hangs at the intersection F and K and C, and A and G hanging at the junction of H and M, C and A;


The rail is the channel which is located along the fence in the trash. If no numbers are run there, you will automatically follow the rails.


A circle is a circle. There are great Voltes, large and small Voltes circles, small circles. During the official dressage shows the radius of the circle, it said a small circle is a circle with 10 m center line, a large circle a circle with 20 m center line.
A volte always starts with a letter. A large circle can begin with the letters A, B, C, and E. The idea is that there is a large circle drive. If asked to ride a big circle in A, so there must be a circle of A, driven by X, back to A. If there would be a circle on the B-unit, there must be a circle joining B, met railway E and back to E.

Slang Times

A serpentine is a figure that patches Voltes and straight lines alternate. Always said how many curves must have serpentine. A serpentine always starts with A or C. From the first arc is operated as a semi-circle displace. AC line is changed over to the other side and that is a semicircle, the other side picked reason. On the AC line will change again and again, it’s a semi-circle to the other side steam reason. Depending on how many serpentine curves must be circles have to be made larger or smaller to fit into the bin.

Change Rein

When you ride on the train, run always at hand?? a??, i.e. left or right. For gymnastiseren, it is important that the same amount of both hands riding a horse evenly. It must be replaced when ?? Hand?? be.
Driving is on the right when the right rider is on the inside, so clockwise. Rider and horse riding than clockwise.When the other side is driven, so with the left hand, on the inside, a counterclockwise so, it is operated on the left hand.
In a straight line of hand change
There may be four points in a straight line from hand to change: the H, K, M, and F. shifting hand rotated at said point of the wall and driven at an angle to the other. So: a change of hand at the letter K is turning away over the letter R and then pass diagonally in a straight line through the point X to the letter H.
The S hand change
, it is also possible to set the S-shape of a hand. This number always starts with E or B. When we asked at B by changing the one hand, there is a turn B semicircle drove up to the center line. AC line horse right, and turn the other way is deployed on. After the second half circle counterclockwise to E followed again.

Dashed line

A broken line is, like the change of the page is always driven by the characters H, K, M, or F. As the change in the hand in a straight line rotated to the required letter from the rail and is driven to the letter obliquely opposite the letter. When H is K, M to F. Only now is not driven up to the letter, but it is driven up to the letter X. On arrival at the letter X is driven back to the rail. A dotted line as tube or letters KXH microns.

Turn from A to C and BE

It can also right cross. This can be from A to C, C to A, B to E and E to B is then turned in the desired letter and it drove through X to the other side of the bin. Usually it is then when told of it will be used until the end of the image to the left or to the right. When there is no way to talk and continue to operate the same way as before exercise.

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