How Often Should I Wash Bed Linen

Nothing nicer than the feel of fresh sheets in which to slip after a hard day and enjoy a great night. For a question of hygiene or comfort, it is necessary to know how and how often maintain his bed linen.

Washing: essential step for his bed linen

Of course, nothing more basic to frequently wash bed linens: pillowcases, duvet covers, sheets, all this beautiful linen must go at least once a week by washing machine box. Between perspiration, body fluids, dust, mites, and residues of pollution, our bed linen is the tough life and it is not insignificant to wash it regularly or to alternate bed linen. For washing, avoid the use of bleach, which tends to wash out the colors, yellow white and stiffen the fibers. The majority of modern laundry to wash his laundry of bed at 40 ° C. This temperature assaults less laundry, maintaining the flexibility of the fabric and its elasticity and gives insurance to rid it of the bacteria and the tasks. If you are lucky enough to have a dryer, feel free to decrease the number of turns of the spin mode: linen is absorbed in the fabric softener and will retain its freshness to the exit.

Air bed to win fresh

Because the wash is not your only ally in your conquest of a fresher bed, thinking to aerate your bed linen is a great way to earn a few days of freshness between 2 washes. As it is impractical to wash his clothes every day, think of suspend your pillows in a window, a balcony or in a garden as well as your comforter and sheets.Nothing like a few minutes outdoors to find daily all the freshness of a cloth just washed. Airing her laundry can also eliminate mites: perfect for the allergic Chronicles of this little Critter of the tissue. It is also possible to play the card of a fresh scent to spray on the sheets. Your new allies: the essential oils that will in turn cool the tissue, help elimination of bacteria and mites or still pleasantly scent your laundry. However handle with care because used pure they may stain the linen.

Mattress, duvet and pillows: elements should not be overlooked

Of course, the bed linen is the first element to clean in order to enjoy a bed still fresh. But what’s the point of using a bedding set perfectly cleaned, dried and perfumed if it is to lay on a mattress or pillow somewhat doubtful for your bedroom? Don’t panic! As we are not washing the mattress every morning, there are some tricks to allow your bedding items to gain freshness. A regular draw of the mattress (1 time per week) to dislodge dust and mites. Enjoy your laundry to air the mattress leaving a nearby window. The pillows or Duvet, it is possible to wash them in the machine, but it takes time. Feel free to clean 1-2 times a year between seasons (spring and fall). Alternatively, you can call on the services of dry cleaners that offer very competitive rates and save valuable time.

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November 12, 2017

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