How Swimsuit Bottoms Should Fit

Swimwear – fashion trends summer. Multicolored, bright or pastel tones, retro or asymmetrical models swimwear with many decorative elements or topless – all are current.
The weather warms, the summer season is open – all factors storming of the pools and beaches are already available. It remains to choose fashionable swimsuit and show exquisite forms. Even if you are not so beautiful, do not worry, just choose a bathing suit the particularities of your figure. But before I give you some tips for choosing the swimsuit according to the figure, let’s check out what are the fashion trends in swimwear for summer.

In summer mega current retro swimwear models from the 80s who show as little flesh. As a counterpoint to this fashion trend and no less relevant this summer season are monokinis (see best 10 at PaulDigo). Panties low-waist shift swimsuit bottoms with a “sling” or “boxers”. The most modern in sweatshirts swimsuits are models with a shoulder strap and those strapless. Swimwear summer are more colorful than ever. All ladies who usually rely on classic black, this time it is better to prefer multi-colored swimsuit with floral or geometric patterns. Monochrome models in bright (especially hit turquoise) or flesh tones also are current so that the probability of making a fashion faux pas with his choice of swimsuit for summer is minimal. The designers pay great attention to details and decorative elements swimsuits for summer shining stones, tassels, buckles, even zippers. The accessories also generously present on the beaches – straw hats, necklaces, bracelets, sunglasses, huge beach bags, scarves and whatnot. But as great to look a swimsuit, the most important thing is to look good on your figure. Here are some tips for choosing a swimsuit:
Piece Swimsuit with hidden tightening corset is perfect for plump ladies. Smoothes the tummy and lift the bust.
Bottom-shaped skirt conceals wide hips, while low cut is suitable for wide hips.
Bottom with side ties conceal tight elastic of her panties.
Belly will look firmer, if you choose too low-cut swimwear and bet on higher waist.
With top with wider strips around the door too wide shoulders will look closer.
The short torso can pay your outstanding balance visually with potniche and panties low waist.
Short legs will look longer high cut swimsuit.