How to Apply Earth Color Makeup

The earth is a make up seemingly simple to use. Many of us will have always thought that the dust should be distributed all over your face, but it does not.

Many makeup artists teach us that the earth, being a cosmetic and strategically manages to give that aspect of naturally tanned, it must be applied with the right technique to remove so definitavemente those signs of winter pallor of her face.

How to apply the earth on the face

Application areas

The land should not be applied to the entire face – was a fashion of the 80s. Instead we need to emphasize some parts such as the cheekbones and contour.


The shades must be chosen of a more intense tone of the skin, but should not be too dark otherwise create stains.

Who can put

The land is suitable for all incarbati, even those very clear. There are many nuances that can fit for all types of skin color. The important thing is not wrong hue.


It is not true that those who have tanned skin does not need the earth, indeed. The latter serves to enhance the tan or recreate it.

Make – up estate 2016

This summer we choose a bright incanato: on blue-sky-blue eyes or melon and bronze and lips from milky color and refreshing shine. And of course a veil of earth.