How to Buy Good Sleeping Bag

Tips for particular brands of sleeping bags Outdoor has offered a guide, now is the time to look at the parameters which we should follow if we are sleeping bag for summer, winter, lighter, more powerful, common for a few nights or totally safe sleeping bag with which to lose even in the wildest of the wild. Before you buy a sleeping bag, which should meet all of our needs, we must define those concepts and, accordingly, sleeping bags searched. Then we can talk about quality sleeping bag. Not always plays the role of the brand, and its familiarity and reputation.

Tip 1 – Choose according to the conditions

Rather, under the conditions in which a sleeping bag are going to cohabit. For tourists on a trip of several daysit is unnecessary to have the luxury of sleeping bag for several thousand crowns, but also ordinary blanket is not enough. On the contrary, what the tourist will appreciate like a nice bag to sleep, it can still demanding athletes in the most demanding conditions do not match up fatally.

Tip 2 – Choose according to the method of activity

While walking with children for several days by nature, you sleep in a cabin or in a tent  and you do not mind sleeping cheaper to just sleep on such and not as much storage as you do better? Or you’re a cyclist or climber, your life depends almost sleeping bag and need to save every place in your “trunk” on the back or a bike? And whichever you choose, of course, you have to bring your sleeping bag could be considered high quality and comfortable.

Tip 3 – We all want to be warm and dry

Drought and heat are the two principles, without which no person residing in the countryside. For each sleeping bags should be given four temperatures.


This value indicates the lowest temperature at which the clothing will be correspondingly person using sleeping bag already feel the cold, even if it is in a crouching position.


Temperature limit is the value at which the user is properly dressed sleeping bag did not feel the cold, if it is in a crouching position.


The temperature is the value at which it can choose the so-called dormant. Relaxing location on the back and not feel the cold, if it is properly dressed.


This value corresponds to the temperature at which the user may be in a sleeping bag unveiling and keep your hands out of a sleeping bag while too much sweat.

Tip 4 – Do not underestimate the isolation

As the insulation is concerned, we have a choice of two options. If you want a sleeping bag that will dry better and will be difficult to maintain, we should choose synthetic filler. Sleeping with the panels are heavier and bulkier. There are many types of synthetic fibers and the best synthetic fills are equal and feather insulation.
Down insulation again chooses rather those who need absolutely reliable sleeping bag with thermal insulation properties. Maintenance is complicated, expensive, absorb more moisture and are suitable for allergy sufferers.