How to Choose a Backpack

One of the rumors that affects more on the cost of the school, and, of course, books, is represented by the accessories: briefcase, pencil case, pens, pencils… Here are some tips here to choose a backpack (so it lasts).
Manuela Thin
The backpack for school choice is critical. Not only because a backpack purchased taking into account what are the needs of the child and its physical properties avoids overly ruining weigh it down the back, but also because, if of good quality, even at the cost of increased initial cost, can be used for several consecutive years without any problems.

The children, unfortunately, are attracted to the fashions of the moment and the school industry knows how to attract them and push them towards one or the other product. Please them trying to satisfy their taste is right. But it is crucial to understand that brand, color, shape… are, in each case, dependent on the quality of the backpack itself.
Parameters to Be Considered When Choosing
First, according to Constructmaterials, never buy a backpack without first doing it wearing the child who will bring. If it is too large, if the straps are not the right size, if the shape tends to unbalance the walk… in fact, you have to opt for another model. The backpack should stand on the shoulders of the child like a glove on the hand. Only in this way you will avoid a year of transportation could adversely affect the child’s posture.
Technical Features
The rigid backrest is to be preferred to that soft to avoid an accumulation of weight downwards. The size must be adapted to the needs of the child. The backpack of a first grade child will be different from that needed for a child to sixth grade. The books must be able to stay comfortably without, however, move around. The shoulder straps should be padded, wide and adjustable. Among the favorite ones present models equipped with lap belt with buckle to attach to waist height so that the backpack does not bounce when walking.
The model trolley, maybe a little heavier on the shoulders, it is, however, the most suitable because it can be easily transported without straining your back. The presence of pockets allows you to better keep books, notebooks and accessories.