How to Choose a Suitable Backpack

A leisure backpack is as its name suggests, a bag for your recreation and leisure. It’s the basis of any traveler accessory. It can accompany you for years whether to fly or to use for your holiday. Choose a good backpack takes some time for reflection. Unlike the suitcase for trips in urban areas, a leisure backpack is more suited for travel and the outputs in the wild (mountains, countryside, forests…).
However, nothing prevents you to use a backpack for leisure in the city as part of your business or personal travel. However, it will be less suited than a cabin suitcase that can carry more belongings. You can buy a backpack as cabin respecting the weight allowed on airplanes. Leisure backpacks are generally small.
There are also the trekking backpack, it’s a bag designed initially for lovers of hiking. It is generally larger than a backpack leisure because it was made so that he could carry all the necessary equipment to hiking in mountainous areas. A hiking bag weight varies according to its size and its brand. If you don’t know what backpack choose, handbagpicks discovers the benefits and features of these two types of bags back:

The benefits of a free backpack


You can lug your leisure backpack around with you, in the cabin of aircraft, in the city, in the countryside, in the forest, and this regardless of the time that it will be. This isn’t the case of a trekking backpack that is wider and taller than a backpack of leisure.
The hiking bag is much larger. Its template is that you can not afford to carry it around with you. Even if it’s an easy to carry bag, there’s still bulky. The leisure backpack is ideal for the globe Trotter.

Convenience and price

The current leisure backpacks are made up of several compartments, they are much more spacious previously contrary to what one might think. They can quite compete with a trekking backpack or asuitcase cabin.
In addition, they are much lighter than a trekking backpack. The backpacks have a capacity of sufficient capacity to carry all your belongings with you. Various zippers which they have facilitate their opening. From a price perspective, a backpack is much less expensive than a hiking backpack.You will easily find less than 50 euros.

Optionally castors

The backpack of leisure with wheels is a good solution to avoid to hurt your back. Simply roll it to carry. If you do not want to carry a load on your back, the trip with skateboard backpack is a great alternative. The travel backpack without wheels allows to have the hands free and avoid shocks during transport. At MBC, we offer a few models that we have selected for you.

The best models of backpack leisure

Eastpak backpack

The Eastpak brand offers a bag at your leisure to design simple and strong nylon. He then attended a large central compartment and one front pocket zip. The back of the bag is padded, the straps are also padded guaranteeing excellent resistance on your shoulders.
Is a compact bag, even loaded up, it will give an impression of lightness and will retain its small size.

Cabin Max backpack

Cabin Max offers various backpacks of travel available in several colors. Their dimensions of 50 x 40 x 20 cm, you can take it with you in the cabin. It has a large main compartment and a Pocket wide enough to put books and documents.
It is a backpack with in line with the size of most other airlines and Easyjet cabin. It is lightweight and robust. You can even hold the hand thanks to its solid handle.

Kipling City backpack

This backpack is equipped with a back pocket in which you can hide your accessories and important documents. There is also a large pocket on the front with a zipper. It also has pockets on the sides. It is a sturdy bag with a very good quality of color.
You can also buy this bag in several different colours (red, blue, green,…). Practice, it offers a link for your keys. It’s a canvas bag ideal to take the plane and then ride the bike or even a long walk.

The benefits of the trekking backpack


Trekking backpacks are a great capacity, there are a very large and others available in size cabin according to some makes and models. They are equipped with pockets much larger than those of the backpacks of leisure. The adjustment for the maintenance on the back system is very well studied. This is the type of bag you can wear at any season of the year. You can put everything you need, from clothing, to eat and to drink, your documents and important accessories. It is a very sturdy sports backpack.


Whatever the volume of your hiking cabin bag, you will always notice a certain strength both at the level of manufacturing materials used in the design. A trekking backpack will keep for several years.
There is no need to buy one every year as this can be done with some backpacks which tear quickly after having bought it.The quality of the finishing of the product is very important.

The carrying comfort

Trekking backpacks are for the vast majority of them, with their pectoral straps back straps and a back support. You will also find a backpack trekking, a belt of portage. All these features allow a perfect hold on your back.

The best models of trekking backpack

MBC has prepared a selection of bags on back of trekking for cabin:

CICAD backpack

The Lafuma brand offers you a backpack cabin type trekking backpack stuffed with a discreet compartment to hide your wallet and your Passport. This backpack model is available in black and blue.
In this bag you will find several pockets, one for your cell phone and another for other accessories. These pockets close with a zipper. It’s a bag of very good quality, convenient and strong. It’s a backpack man and woman within the weight allowed in the cabin.

Millet Prolighter backpack

Here’s a handy ultra bag for the great athletes in need of a sports backpack allowed in the cabin. It’s a light backpack with zippered opening.
It is equipped with a front pocket zipped with a key ring. The straps are very strong allowing you to travel comfortably.Backpack hiking Millet is very technical and very powerful.

Hiking Deuter bag

Deuter is his bag backpack with Avanced Aircomfort back system. It is equipped with a lumbar belt with cushions of ventilation. It is a very durable and ergonomic air travel backpack. It is equipped with two closures the flap to fix your clothes below.
It’s a waterproof backpack thanks to its integrated rain cover which is also removable.

Guide her choice


You must buy a backpack that can please you. Thus, the color, the look, and the design must be taken into account before completing your purchase online or in store. If you have a favorite color, make a comparison with all the brands. Ask yourself if you want a bag rather fine, enough wide, ergonomic…

The brand

There is not a brand that we recommend in particular but to be sure of the quality of the product, especially if you’re looking for the best backpack, it is best to choose a backpack brand booth.
The key is that you can find you a good backpack recreational or trekking with a long service life. Brands are equipped to manufacture backpacks with various storage compartments. It is important when you want to travel, it must have enough space to put the key in his luggage.


Choose a lightweight backpack when it is empty. This is a test to remember because a backpack too heavy when it is not full, can be a real constraint for you, not only during transport by plane but also in your daily life. It’s not nice to carry a heavy weight on his back.

The budget

There are backpacks at all prices. However, the small cabin backpacks are generally more affordable than the hiking backpacks. For example, if you have a rather tight budget, better consider the backpack of leisure. You will find on Amazon at a low price with good quality.


If you are not thinking to do long walks when you arrive at your destination, is not necessary to buy a large trekking rucksack. You can settle for my hobbies, compact and lightweight backpack.
If you are looking for a format trekking backpack in order to have more space in your bag for your different planned activity, forget the leisure backpack.Leisure backpacks to carry a minimum of business necessary for your comfort.