How to Choose And Use the Backpack for School

Backpack for school is one of the major purchases for the return in the pews. Any advice on how to choose a backpack but also how to use it properly. The backpack for school is among the first purchases that are made ​​for the return to school of children. Depending on the age of our children, they can vary the size but it remains the ultimate accessory of the school kit. For years by now we discuss about the backpacks, especially for their weight and consequences on the backs of our children.How Should Children’s Backpack?
In fact, this year, the experts continue to remember that it is important to pay attention to some features before buying a backpack for school children:
If you check the weight of the backpack vacuum. More is lighter and less adds unnecessary weight to that of the content.
Check that the straps are wide and padded. In this way the weight is distributed on the shoulders so well and you avoid nasty skin irritation on the shoulders.
Make sure it is large enough in the center to hold all the school supplies, which have external pockets to collect the smallest things and read.
Pay attention to the measure, which must be proportionate to the size of your child. One backpack huge it is already difficult to handle for a child, when it is empty, imagine when it is full.
The vintage trolley is a good thing to carry the weight with no load on the shoulders, but remember that a trolley weighs much more of a backpack normal and that there will be many occasions where your children will have to lift it off the ground and load weight total.
The Issue of the Signed Backpacks
We know that even the children are not immune from the mania of the ” signature” and we also know that every year there is some cartoon character, or movies or games, becoming the chosen hero to the support of the school. We find it replicated of backpacks, pencil cases, pencils, notebooks and all other accessories.
If we want to and, above all, if we can, satisfy the tastes of our children, by choosing a custom backpack, do be careful though to verify that the ‘product designer’ has all the characteristics of good quality that we have just indicated.
Which is not always obvious because it can happen instead of those who designed the backpack has given more importance to aesthetics at the expense of quality and functionality.
In general, the oldest companies of bags and suitcases are also the most reliable in terms of quality.
How to Use the Backpack Properly?
Properly use a backpack means:
not fill more than it can hold
do not load on your back too much weight. Sustainable weight to your back is more than 20% of body weight
do not carry the backpack full on one shoulder. The backpack is made ​​especially to be worn around the shoulders with both brace
do not lift off the ground the backpack full put it down first to an intermediate height: on the desk or table
verified every time the sealing of the seams, especially those of the belts, in particular after a wash.