How to Choose Motorcycle Pants

When it is not biker or we begin to discover this passion and constitute his equipment, we think of the first visible elements; mainly to the helmet, jacket and gloves. Motorcycle pants is one of the important pieces of the holding of any self-respecting and biker who pays a little attention to its security. What type of pants should motorcycle you turn? Do you really need a special pants for this? Here is what what your choices:

Motorcycle pants: daily protection

If you think thata specially dedicated to the motorcycle pants is useless, it’s that you have probably not yet spent enough time on two wheels. The motorcycle, on the road, off-road or on circuit, is expose yourself to all kinds of inconveniences only bikers are familiar: rain, snow, cold, the wind, the cold and the wind combined, on a wet pants… According to commit4fitness, Motorcycle pants not only puts you sheltered from the elements, but also protects you from small projections of pebbles that you receive much more than you think. And of course, in case of friction, collision with any other vehicle or any obstacle, falling also, your motorcycle pants protects you from abrasions and severe burns.
Pants made motorcycle part since 19 January 2012 equipment to own and introduce mandatory for obtaining a motorcycle license, just like helmet, jacket, gloves, and specialized shoes. Free each driver to wear them or not once the permit obtained (with the exception of the helmet that the port remains of course).

Motorcycle, each pants style

Because the motorcycle pants is not standardized, regulated equipment, it is the clothing that comes in more styles, colors and different materials.

Motorcycle jeans:

It is the more boilerplate equipment, one that goes with any motorcycle jacket, with any leather jacket. An imperative can also require you to wear your pants of bike to get to work, without the possibility to change then. Motorcycle jeans all the advantages look John, sobriety, modernity, but with the safety of his protection and his reinforcements and more areas. Motorcycle jeans is always autonomous, i.e. it is sufficient only to protect you. Motorcycle denim pants are not the sur-pantalons. Often they are waterproofed from the purchase, thanks to special treatments, but may you to have this task. It comes in all styles, straight cut, baggy, wide or slim, without ever losing their advantage to the level of comfort and safety. When hot or sunny trips, motorcycle jean, even micro-ventilated pants want to quickly become unbearable.

The textile motorcycle pants:

Textile motorcycle pants also offers comfort and protection, but without being optimal level style. Often similar to the pants of winter sports, it goes unnoticed once you ride your machine and fits less in contrast to everyday life situations. In return, its benefits are many. It may be composed of all the innovative textiles technology offers us today. Among the most popular, the Cordura fabric: a synthetic fabric that is breathable, micro-aerated, both light and very strong, with resistance to abrasion three times greater than that of nylon and nearly twenty times larger than cotton. Textile pants bike very often has a removable thermal lining, an indispensable asset to add in winter and put in the closet in the summer. It is the only one who can perfectly meet the expectations of the bikers in all seasons. For the most eccentric or just original, textile pants motorcycle comes in many colors, materials and cuts.

Motorcycle leather pants:

The leather finally remains the essential material for the equipment of the motorcyclist. It combines the advantage of protection, insulation, waterproofing and resistance in time. In winter you can wear under your leather extra underwear to protect you from the cold.Motorcycle leather pants also allows you to slide underneath as top of the additional protections. In summer, it is similarly less pleasant to wear, even if breathable textile linings exist. It depends on your practice of the bike and the budget that you want to put in one or more motorcycle pants.

Motorcycle pants: choose the areas of protection and tips

Whatever your preference regarding the composition of your pants, keep in mind the most important: the areas of protection of the garment. Two areas to protect mainly on the lower half of your body, your knees and hips (pelvis): two bone areas hit hardest during falls on a motorcycle. Choose the protections covering a maximum of surface, internal or external.
As for all the motorcycle clothing, fitting and testing, market, race, jumps, change of positions, squats, are essential. Your motorcycle pants should be forgotten door once: you will need your attention to lead to the best.
-Reinforcements can be added, integrated or complete. In the latter case, attention that the Pocket ready to receive you don’t mind when the threading of the pants.
-There are the pants that fit into the jacket of the same brand using closures-lightning; What will never have the lower back in the air. If you feel able, you can yourself create a combination by linking jacket and pants with thread and a needle.
-If the first fitting, maintaining elastics passing under the feet and Suspenders you repel, remember that they will quickly become the strengths of your pants, it is only a question of habit and practice.

The myth of the mandatory motorcycle pants

Despite very many false channels of information circulating on the net, there is not question of mandating the wearing trousers for bikers. The issue of pants counterparts and therefore their audit, given the mass of existing products on the market, would be too complex to solve. Stop a biker who doesn’t wear a helmet is an easy thing, stop a because it is considered that it is not the right pants and ask what he proves in the street is impossible.
Attention however, a draft law is under review since February 11:
« Single article: Wearing gloves and a back protector device approved is mandatory for drivers and passengers of two-wheeled motorized more 125 cm3. The manufacturer must provide these facilities when purchasing the vehicle. »
The choice of motorcycle pants, as of all pieces of equipment of the motorcyclist, must be a choice informed, tested and based on safety before aesthetics and comfort alone.