How to Choose Round Eyeglasses

Popularized by John Lennon, Janis Joplin and Harry Potter, the round glasses have been under the spotlight for many decades. But today, this type of glasses seems to have become a bit obsolete and not really trendy. Only a few very original stars, including the famous Lady Gaga, still dare to wear them. Yet it is always possible to find the cutest models, which however not suitable for all face shapes. The oval glasses seem to be a good compromise: too, they will enhance your gentleness and your youth.

The round glasses to the test of history
It’s in the late 1200s appeared the first glasses. In reality, they were spectacles: glasses without branches that attach to the nose. And these strange glasses were perfectly round! The round glasses are the oldest ever invented and retain their monopoly for a long time, since the first oval glasses will only appear five centuries later. This sudden change comes from England: the oval glasses were lighter and had a better optical quality. Still, the round sunglasses are the first that have been created via, but in the 1960s they have been truly democratized. Today they are definitely associated with the hippie movement appeared in the United States.
The round glasses, an accessory (too?) Original
The connotation round glasses is extreme: they are needed today as an original accessory. You can easily find, with youreye doctor, the round glasses cheap. Children will perfectly, provided that their face is not too angular. But adults can easily wear this type of glasses because they are directly associated with the hippie and the famous Harry Potter. Ask your ophthalmologist: he may be able to refer you to a model of cheap glasses not too original. Some mounts are softened effect, and are closer to the oval spectacles that highlight your gentleness and your youth.
Sometimes inadequate round frames
The round glasses are often quite narrow and fine: they are not suitable for all types of faces. If yours is oval rather, know that you can opt for these glasses one: your body is such that any form of telescope you will go perfectly! On the contrary, if your face is round or triangular, these mounts are not favored. If you have chubby cheeks, round glasses are completely avoided: they will highlight your cheeks bulged and you confer too youthful air. Appointment with your eye doctor or from your optician to find cheap glasses that will highlight your face and your body!