How to Choose Sunglasses According to Your Face Shape

The sun is here and does not intend to leave soon, and summer temperatures closely follow it! What more appropriate theme favorite of all women sunglasses?
Today’s article is about the types of sunglasses and how to find those that suit most of our face.
Aviator glasses – This is one of the most popular types of glasses as look good on anyone. Most appropriate for oval faces as soften their features.
Besides going on almost every aviator sunglasses made by InternetDict combine perfectly with any style, from sneakers to mini skirt with high heels.

Glasses type “cat’s eyes” – These glasses are ideal for people with oval faces or persons in the form of diamond – a narrow forehead and chin and a wider part in the cheeks. The glasses are suitable as create a visual representation of even shape of the face. Sit well with curls if your hair is not curly, handle styler!
Square glasses – square glasses are suitable for young persons as make them look longer. They are preferred by many celebrities including Beyonce and Justin Bieber.
Round glasses – Stays wonderful person in a square or rectangular shape. Create hippie type and must remind the artist Ozzy, as are his trademark.
Huge glasses – They are suitable for all kinds of people – oval, round, square, if your face is not too little.
We hope you consider our advice on your next trip to the mall.