How to Choose the Lighting in the Dining Room?

Suspension (s), table lamp, candles … What is the best way to light his dining table?

How to Choose the Lighting in the Dining Room

After studying together what was the perfect lighting for the kitchen , discover tips and tricks to create the right atmosphere to match your decor and lifestyle…

01 | One vs. many ?

Fashion is identical to suspension of accumulation (or not!) Above the table. This technique makes it possible to illuminate all of the diners and create a nice dynamic that follows the movement provided by the dining table …

We love the accumulation!

For a large table rectangle, opt for a linear lighting built with various suspensions aligned to best accompany the meal to each guest!
You can choose all kinds of suspensions, spoiling the grant or, in short, it explodes with its lights!
Our favorite? The industrial suspensions for a trendy and casual look without the fuss, without fuss!

We opt for an oversized suspension!

But for small spaces and small diners, round or square, then it favors a single fine suspension which not forget to choose size XXL! It will elevate the look and create a beautiful space defined for nice romantic meal!
It can also crack on the deportees streetlights that do not encumber the passage and allow you to create a bright spot even when no ceiling!
Our favorite? The suspension bamboo, rattan and other raw and natural materials for a natural touch in its decor!

02 | How about high post suspensions?

The ideal height is one that allows everyone to be able to move (sit and rise without risk of type in the suspension) and see his friends effortlessly …
One can easily make the down to one meter above the table, making sure to place them in the center to avoid bumping it…
More suspension will be more low it will create a cozy atmosphere for the exchange. Be careful though to choose the intensity and warmth of its lighting and avoid style “dental office” not at all suitable for a quiet meal with family or friends!

03 | I put on the table lamps for a cozy atmosphere!

For parts or there is no ceiling, no problem! The standing lamps are a nice alternative…
You can add a nice light meal by asking her directly a pretty lamp in the middle or end of the table. This immediately gives the impression of having work his presentation even if it is not so!
Another nice idea, lampposts! A place close to the guests a warm and cozy atmosphere worthy of the greatest restaurants!
In addition, it is very nice for all budgets and all styles … The will to choose!
Our favorite? The elegant lampposts with their wooden foot tipi way and shade silky fabric …

04 | The choice of bulbs!

One or more, for standing or hanging, the choice of lighting also passes and maybe even should it come first, by choosing the right bulb …
Color and intensity are indeed elements should not be overlooked!
If we had seen for the kitchen a strong white light is perfect for the table, it’s a different story.
We prefer a more cozy atmosphere with a floral night lamp and a lower intensity… just right be able to see what was on his plate!
Our favorite? All these naked bulbs left as decorative as trendy!

05 | Why not pretty candles?

Finally, for every night or for a special occasion, why not turn off all the lights and enjoy a lovely moment in the glow of a few candles? Their warm lights actually the softer lighting for the eyes. Choose candles odorless not to nauseate when eating …
Tucking into a beautiful lantern, it also has a very high decorative power it would be a shame not, you do not see?