How to Choose the Perfect Swimwear For This Summer

Nothing of sunga, but neither those long Bermuda shorts. How to choose the mesh that will sigh to bikinis.
By Cecilia Di Genaro
Since baths giving Alexander the great in Egypt in loincloths, passing by the Hays Code – banning Hollywood stars to show the navel-man has incorporated the enjoyment of water as a source of beauty in which seduction and nudity gave way to this essential fashion accessory. At first, exercising the freedom to break with the cultural conventions; then, for which the designers dictate trend and, ultimately, as an ally when it comes to relax and enjoy the holiday and water sports: swimsuit as described in findjobdescriptions is an item that should not be rid randomly.
And the countdown has already begun. Summer is approaching and the first Suns of spring you are armando bag to a fifth weekend. Boys, it was time to review the mesh drawer. Because, although men do not have the dilemma of the culotte vs. the triangle, no can deny that when it comes to renew this basic care for hide those rolls, that short torso or those skinny legs. Everything has a solution, friends, if there is a decent budget. Because the new collections are already in the windows and the offer is as wide as the trend. Do not forget that, in the field of bathroom shorts, are also who Stylize, that give volume and colors and prints that visually play to cover defects.
According to Carolina Gadano, Marketing Manager for Levi completo de Argentina, models coming this summer 2013 continue the aesthetics that require water sports. “What will be taking its inspiration from the surfing shorts – or, how say the specialists “boardies” – with a leg that stretches 10 cm above the knee;” Although, paradoxically, the Argentine consumer when it comes to sports always choose long and large swimsuits. “In terms of genres, come plain or striped, but in strong colors”.
Federico Bonomi, designer of inheritance Argentina, agrees: “two seasons ago that the tendency is to shorten the long, increasingly without reaching the sunga, happened to a better life.” What replaces it is the short lycra shortcito. Anyway, we prefer to leave the lycra the wardrobes for women”. Remains to be seen if Adrián Suar and Nico Repetto – the Kings of the sunga, prompting this garment – manage to make it to one side. What is definite is that Brazilian slip will be deleted until further notice.
According to Diego Romero, designer of AY Not Dead: “bathing suits are divided into two users: which uses the long half of the thigh and the one you prefer Bermuda.” In both cases we make them Microfiber; one of the variants is full and black and the other blue Royale, which is one of the colours of the collection. Eagle AY Not Dead in contrast is always present. I believe that the Argentine man is more conservative in choosing this garment. The classic surfer moulded knee remains in force, although already ceased to be trend long ago. That is why we chose a shorter model, in sober colours and a comfortable fabric for the beach and the water.”
How to choose a short personal, beyond fashion needs? The first thing to do is to opt for those who do not emphasize the hated float. For that, many brands have opted for designs with adjustable waist. A trademark of vintage style that makes reference to the models of the 1950s, when still the lycra didn’t exist. If you have a short torso, serves, in addition, to regulate it in the lower part of the hip. Stripes, which this season will be on all sides, are a double-edged weapon. If they are vertical, they key, while for the more weak ally is in the horizontal, which an effect of amplitude. Something similar happens with classic flowery prints or shocking colors, which give a more expansive view. In short: for those who fail to leave the beer in the afternoon, the chosen will be the swimwear smooth and in colors like Navy Blue, which this season stomps.
But not only immerse themselves are. Martín Egozcue, owner of Felix, recommended two hits that used to take a dip and are also used in any relaxed day and heat: “Costume Moe, of an opaque microfibre, has the look of a short of cotton, but is characterized by its quick dry, ideal for water.” We also propose the swimsuit William, which is of poplin of cotton and elastic waist. This model looks good in all the bodies and is a basic Felix.” To achieve a more modern style, Godano, added a recommendation: “Combined with rolled up short sleeve shirts that can be overlaid with smooth or striped t-shirts”. And don’t forget the pairing with nautical shoes, another inevitable summer 2013.