How to Choose the Right Pillow and Blanket?

Who is not lazy, he did great trunk. Please take a moment our guide linens and you will have a clear idea about what to buy their bed. Not only mattresses and bases are in fact essential for your healthy sleep.

The pillow is essential!

When not cool head, he carries it throughout the body. According to what do you choose the pillow?
Washability – Practical is to choose pillows that are undressing top bag and can be washed more often alone. While filling in the pillow are also commonly washable, after all, frequent washing loses its elasticity.
Position of the spine  – ideal location of the cervical spine during sleep should be the same as when rovně stand. But who suffer from frequent chronic diseases, he needs to have his head rather in the higher position. Everything is about your nice feeling.

Height cushion – grip the underside of the pillow with the right content filling. Often set arbitrarily at the height of pillows that have the possibility of taking charge. For this purpose the zip lock. From a hygienic and practical point of view is best when it is inside the top of the bag also has a separate bag with a zipper. Regulate themselves and so filling the inner bag before washing easy to take out.
The size pillow –  In Central Europe it is customary to sleep on a big pillow case 70×90 cm and 80×80 cm, such as at Properly while sleeping should be within arm directly on the mattress. The pillow should support only the head and neck. This will better serve the smaller ones that are used by the rest of the world. We find both large (70×90 cm), to which we are accustomed, so small (50×70 cm),  which is to save the spine comfortable .

Most suitable type of pillow?

In smaller sizes we offer orthopedic pillows, memory foam, which is to keep the spine best. The downside is that they do not bundle up. The combination of foam and polyester balls more practical novelty from the Czech manufacturer 2G Lipov, who joined as orthopedic properties of latex foam and softness PES balls. It is a new cushions Flexi Sleep 2G , which are manufactured in both size dimensions.
Flexi Sleep Pillows have a surface made ​​of fine cotton satin and can be controlled by him packing. We have the following alternatives:

  • HARD – more suitable for men
  • MEDIUM – for anyone who likes a rather stiff pillows
  • SOFT – more suitable for women

Unlike stiffness provides a different mixture ratios PES balls and latex sticks.

How to choose a blanket?

The warmth
Someone likes the heat, other prefer the winter. In our menu you can choose blankets varying degrees of warmth, which differ by the amount of polyester fleece.
DUO when you’re too cold
If you have a lot of chilly, we recommend blanket DUO. It consists of two covers, which are each other circumferentially firmly sewn and formed inside an insulating air pocket.
4-season quilt, if you can not choose
those who do not know, appreciate so. 4-season blanket. It is also constructed of two blankets, but the difference is that after the circuit is only attached to one another studs and can thus be used either separately or together. One blanket is thinner, for the summer season, the second stronger for transition periods of spring and autumn. When you combine the two, you have an extra blanket for warmth in winter.