How to Clean a Leather Jacket Yourself

In this article we want to show you how to clean a leather jacket, we have at home. In recent years the DIY has become a good friend even in clothing and everything that surrounds it, such as cleaning, too, where they can be taken home and proper methods typical of DIY easy and require very little time. Furthermore, the DIY is a way to save money, which in this time of economic crisis, certainly make it convenient. To clean a leather jacket at the cleaners really costs a lot, the price ranges from sixty to one hundred euro for each leather item, decide to clean. But if our jacket is of shiny skin and dirt is not exaggerated and spread everywhere, you can clean it without any problem in the House.
Here is a guide from that will allow you to clean your leather jacket, using our hands and also of the tools that we have at home. Good job everyone!
You need
Be sure to have on hand:

  • Cleansing milk
  • cotton balls

If the leather jacket is not Suede, but it is of shiny skin, dirt stains can be removed by wiping it off at home, without having to try to force an expensive laundry that, in addition to dry clean the head, doesn’t do a better job of what we might do, alone in the House.
The first thing we have to do is remember to not put your leather garment in the washing machine, as this would only harm and ruin our leather jacket, so irreparable.
If the stains on the jacket, were due to food, beverages or even the classic dust deposited over wetlands, we have to take a soft brush well and we have to pass it with emphasis on spot, trying to get rid of all the dirt, at least the excess.
With the help of a cotton ball, which should be soaked in milk, we must cleanse for fine and delicate, this stain, to delete it altogether. As a cleaning agent can also use what is commonly used by us, to remove makeup from our face before going to bed.
Once we removed the stains from our winter jacket, you will notice immediately that the skin of the same, will remain shiny, just as if it were entirely new and, most importantly, you will not notice at all our DIY cleaning, using of products you can try without any problem in the House . With a little good will and desire to do, we can obtain a perfect jacket, as if it were new!