How to Clean the School Backpack

Dear friends, yesterday we told you about returning to school and how to organize the material of your kids, how to clean the desk and how to remove stains aprons. Today, we want to give you some solutions to clean up the backpack, and place it in the event of wear, but we also want to show you not only how to create a memory picture.
Clean Up Backpack
Sometimes the backpack will ruin but our baby does not want to throw it. In this case we must disengage to find practical solutions, cute but especially economic. The first two that come to mind are:
Patches thermo-adhesive

Key rings or pendants
We advise you to engage your child in the operation of the backpack restyling because this, in addition to a participation, will make him love even more to its new folder.
And if your backpack is just a little dirty? How can we clean it? If the backpack is just dirt we have to clean it in all its parts: we clean the wheels by pouring a few drops of white vinegar on a sheet of newspaper on a paper towel or disposable, the canvas we can instead clean it with a mixture of vintage bags:
300 ml of water
2 tablespoons baking soda
1 tablespoon white vinegar
1 tablespoon liquid dishwashing soap
Pass the mixture all over the backpack, without rinsing.
Small Picture Remembrance
Speaking of memories, it came very pretty idea that all of you can achieve for your kids so that over the years their remains a nice memory. Realize it is very simple, all you need is:
A cardboard A4
a ruler
A marker in medium point
tape double-sided adhesive
Take the cardboard, draw 5 lines on which you write, respectively: name, class, height, like, to big light. Remember to leave space to attach a photo, it’s done.