How to Do Free Running

Free Running is an extreme sport in which most people have heard of. Increasingly find these daredevils on TV and online video?? s. They run across rooftops and pull all kinds of acrobatic stunts, but where do these low today, and how they learn all this?

What Freerunning Exactly?

Free Running is an extreme sport where FreeRunner goes as quickly and gracefully as possible, and obstacles on the streets was a challenge. They jump over fences, walls or move even on rooftops and make risky jumps, often with graceful tricks and turns?? p.
The free running derived from parkour. This discipline is meant as an escape technique in the war. The goal of parkour was to get away as quickly as possible for the opponent and the following obstacles to overcome as effectively as possible. But this was quickly picked up by young people in the city and grew into a real sport.
Traceurs, practitioners of parkour, it aims to move as quickly and effectively as possible in their environment. Here overcome obstacles such as walls, fences, roofs, railings, bollards and other barriers that would normally prevent your way. When the sport became more popular among young people in the cities began a small movement graceful movements and turns ?? s add the first still clean efficient movement they made. Freerunning born. This elegant and extreme ways to move spoken to many young people, and the sport grew rapidly. So far, the popularity of free running is still increasing. You often see free running classes or workshops.

This is ot very Dangerous?

?? All these faces ?? s and dangerous jumps. The free runners ruthless ?? considered by many people who miss a free runner have seen run over. However, this is not usually the case. Most free runners train for years before they even think of doing somersault ?? s on hard surfaces. These workouts make them out on the sand and grass, or indoors in a gym or fitness center. You spend these free runners hours to check in detail the movements.
In free running, the trick from is to get control over your body and soul. Somersault is actually something that is very unnatural. This is a mental barrier that must be broken, and this will not happen automatically! By repeating the movements your body learns to feel these movements.?? Muscle Memory?? called. Only when free runner both physically and mentally has a motion control he will apply it in their so-called?? running?? through the city.

Start idler

The safest way to get free running is taught by experienced runners free. This offer is growing, and in most major cities already. Often these classes are taught in gyms or sports centers. Some lessons, but also provided outside or even in special freerun halls! Most members of KNGU freerunlessen. This means that the teachers are certified to provide free runles. Are you concerned about the quality of the lessons you can ever ask for!

Free running

A free running usually begins with a comprehensive warm up, to get all the muscles warm and flexible. Often, students also get additional components such as agility or strength training to prepare the body for the explosive movements that they will do during the free-range.
Beginners often start with a base of the arches. These are many ways to get over an obstacle. This component enables people often think of physical education lessons they have in school. In addition, they learn to roll. A good role is very important to be able to break a fall. There are special techniques. This role is a bit like a judo throw.
Once the basics of free-range under control, students continue with the exercises go, wagon wheels and Arabic.These measures are in preparation to the actual clearance. Only when students have these movements under control they will be transferred to somersault?? s or even screws. They will not immediately start with capers, although there is always a risk of injury.
Free running is not as ruthless as may seem at first point. It is a true discipline in which young people for several years, both physical and mental training to perform each movement as possible. Free running is actually extremely?? Mastery!