How to Dress to Look Taller and Slimmer?

Certainly there are the heels, but we know all that, everyday wear is not the easiest, especially when one has to rush about in the rain with a stroller before running the job. Know this, there are some simple tips to get the most air unencumbered heels 15. Proof by 8.

1. Balance

A loooong tunic you tamp down inevitably, and a high + low baggy (guaranteed effect cylinder) or, in general, all that is vague, unstructured and forget your waist. The best is to wear a short top, to give the illusion that your legs are longer. Ditto for jackets: the borings blazers that cut silhouette in addition to dive back without warning in the eighties, prefer short jackets that lengthen.

2. Go for the Dark

Yes, it’s sad, but have the big air, is also having the thinner air. And you know from your adolescence, black gets thinner. So, prefer dark colors with light, which bunched. The ultimate trick is to match the color of his shoes than his pants or better tack or leggings that plunge them in order to win a few centimeters at low cost. Again, a black or gray will be more discreet and elegant as a combo-orange sticky shoes.

3. Scratches in the Right Direction

When we speak of proof, it is hoped that not one second you have considered the horizontal stripe which you must know, it greatly groooossit mold (the good news is that that says big sailor says breasts but that is not our concern). So choose a patterned vertical stripe to confuse your observer who then will see the end of your long silhouette, lost in these lines stretched to losses of view.

4. Monochrome

Yes, this statement leaves little room for originality but you have what it takes: to have the largest air, better to avoid cutting the silhouette combining a high and a low of radically different colors. Uniformity inevitably stretch your entire body, visually that is.

5. Lift Your Head

“Stand up straight!” Why do you think your parents have repeated this phrase throughout your adolescence? A proud head carriage, shoulders well thrown backwards will give you the biggest air, for sure, and you will grant insurance that will invariably forget your small.

6. Choose the Right Neckline

Is stretched, is drawn. So, say no to turtlenecks and other shrivel chimneys (besides giving unwell) and say yes to the necklines in V or U (cuckoo Cristina!), which, in addition to elongate your look subtly, divert the attention of caller to his eventual observation ( “C’qu’elle is small … WOW!”).

7. Play Hair

Clear your neck by lifting your hair. If you hand the hair, do not hesitate to push the vice sauerkraut in half-cock or inflating your buns. The opportunity to nab two to three centimeters in a few strokes of the comb, it can not refuse. Hein, Brigitte?

8. Choose the Right Handbag

Of course, you love hanging out your entire house in your large kit. But if you really want to forget your small, you have to opt for a small bag which, in addition to being undeniably more elegant and feminine, lighten your look and see it in visual elasticity.

9. Cheat

Finally, if all these tips are not enough, secretly slip into your boots or sneakers flat small heel shoes that will make you (for real this time) good win three centimeters without anyone suspect anything. Clever, huh?
Ok, you can also try to walk quietly on tiptoe all day from the bullpen to your bedroom. Up to you.