How to Dress up Black Leggings

Leggings when they were component part of military uniform, but today it is part of the wardrobe of women, it should be noted that enjoyed great popularity. Of them are women of different ages and with different shapes them easier to combine, making them favorite clothes in fashion worldwide.

What do You Wear Black Leggings?

leggings look good for many things:

  • with tunicsand elongated T-shirts
  • with skirts and dresses;
  • shirts;
  • with pullovers and cardigans.

Some tips for creating an original way will help you look stylish and modern:

  • For placing graphic style can be combined with white top elk in black and white stripe. You will a lot of fun its unusual appearance. In this form you can safely go for a walk or meeting with friends. Black and white leggings also wear black jacket and pumps.
  • If you club party, shopping shiny black leggings from Combine them with a pin or high heels, a short skirt and top, adorned with lace.
  • For an evening out at a restaurant, the movies, you can use black leather leggings open roof crystals or sequins.
  • Shortened sexy black leggings perfectly with mini dresses in red, purple, blue, and with blouses to mid-thigh. This bow will surely appeal to those who prefer a romantic style.

What shoes will black female leggings?

Since shoes are able to highlight the merits of the figure, and then turn on it more attention:

  • tall and thin leggings can wear any shoes – from ballet shoes ago boots with high heels;
  • Girls low better to prefer current tread;
  • full fashionable womenare also recommended and fifth, but it is powerful, and the average thickness.