How to Dress with Big Thighs

You have strong thighs? you want to camouflage her thighs?
You despair all morning to get dressed and this, only because of your thighs that are a little too big for your taste. They are coated or too muscular, here for you tips to put your figure in value.
1- Longer silhouette with heels to appear more slender
2- Avoid shiny material that accentuate forms
3- Avoid trousers in light colors which grow your thighs
4- Avoid patterns and prints on the bottom of the body
5- The attention on your strengths (mouth, chest, shoulders…)
6- We put a lot on the accessories.
7- We assume forms that can be very sexy.
You are large or small, the following applies in the same way because this isn’t the size that poses a concern but indeed your silhouette.

Choose his pants with big thighs:

Let us look first at our allies in every day: the jeans! There are a multitude of cuts and colors, but we have to make choices.

Pants to avoid with strong thighs:

If you round we immediately forget the skinnys jeggings and other too tight pants. Why? Because they shake too much, and who says round, said often marked knees. Do not put this forward to avoid the compacted effect and “big legs.
Also, avoid the CARDI. They break the length of the leg for effect shrivel up assured. In addition, if you have a little chubby ankles, nothing like to destroy your look. Banished jeans washed out on the front of the legs which made it seem these larger.

Pants a advocate with strong thighs:

You guessed, you must therefore focus on the cuts straight or better ‘bootcut’. They allow to extend and to balance your figure not squeezing the bottom of the legs, creating an effect of perspective on your thighs. You will look much larger and thin.
The style straight leg boyfriend jeans can also go just like the leggings fluid ‘carrot’ shaped by, which are ample thighs and which narrows down to ankle level.
For colors, crude remains a classic and dark colors will be your best friends. Useless to specify that print do not have their place in your wardrobe, just like light colors or pastel, to faded jeans prefer those who are at the level knees.

Choose her skirt when we big thighs:

Wear a skirt when you have strong thighs is not as complicated as it sounds. Actually, it’s quite easy!

For a short skirt:

Don’t get no higher than the mid-thigh. In winter, with a sticky wool or very opaque, you can adopt a denim or corduroy miniskirt. The fabric should always be a little thick to make your thighs look thinner. Trapeze shapes are to be preferred, but there is nothing to prevent small straight skirt with a nice belt. In the summer, go on fluid and pleated material that will give your figure an air look.

For a skirt that comes to the knees:

The pencil skirt is the remains of your Allied loyal regardless of the circumstances. It will highlight your legs while lengthening your figure. It will also enhance your chest and your calves. A must to have in her wardrobe ladies! Obviously, the flats are to be avoided in favor of a nice pair of heels.

For a long skirt:

All shots are allowed as long as the skirt not mold you the legs. If it happens to your ankle, you can wear small flats or heels compensated for a more Bohemian style. All materials, colors, prints or styles are allowed as long as you feel good inside!
All these tips are also valid for the dresses of course.

Choose her top

Choose his pants or her skirt is essential, but grant it with a proper high is an essential step to put your figure in value.

If you have a small chest:

You’re going to need small senior fluids, in air matters that will hide the once unsightly tummy and “comforters”. The neckline is to highlight your shoulders and thus to balance your figure. However, no short sleeves, but rather the three-quarter sleeves, which, once again, let the place to the development of your chest.

If you have a big chest:

Instead, you have a hat trick that goes beyond the C, you can play it by adopting a neckline in V, always with three-quarter sleeves and more or less fluid materials according to your belly. All shots are allowed as long as the length of your top is neither too short nor too long to keep this elongated aspect you are looking for by choosing your pants or skirt.
Do not hesitate, in both cases, to choose a clear fabric or print or simply adorned with Rhinestones beautifully placed for a spectacular record.

Choose his shoes to refine her thighs

Ah the… We and our shoes… A great love story isn’t it? You’re going to be happy, here’s to you a few good reasons to complete your collection.
When you have strong thighs, he must focus on the heels. This isn’t obvious to all, because often these things are synonymous with ‘bad to the feet’ and rightly sometimes. Keep in mind that you have at hands (or rather feet!) a multitude of models that will surely suit you and that you can wear all day without suffering martyrdom.
The ideal heel in terms of height is 7 cm. Free to you to wear heels or for those who are suffering, there are compensated heels. These are comfortable and give a pep’s to your silhouette.
The “nude” are perfect for even more to give the impression that your legs are endless. But all the colors and all the styles are allowed. And if it really a calvary for you to wear heels higher than 2 cm, you can fall back on Nice running with a high sole or pumps that are perfectly fine.
To be avoided: the big shoes that settle the silhouette, big curls and other frills that significantly increase your legs, including the Ballerina that Cup your silhouette.

Quick tips:

If you are very white skin and you want to refine your legs to wear a skirt in summer, you just apply powder Sun with a big brush for effect tanning immediate and life-saving.
Also consider wearing a sheath that goes up to the knees either in form of bermuda, either at the bottom of dress. It hides the unsightly curves, and it significantly refines the upper thighs.