How to Find the Right Jeans for Your Body Shape

Pants, Jeans, trousers – dear child has many names. We love them, but hate at the same time the eternal frustration, why all the fine and beautiful jeans in stores not only can fit one’s popo, one’s big thighs, or just cover the extra fat, we just would like to hide. We women have all stood in a dressingroom easier excited about a (or 10) pair of jeans, while we still ended up going home with nothing more than a decent bag of undelivered shopping intentions. Are you one of the many women who can recognize this problem? So read on here, we have created the perfect jeans-guide, so you are one step closer to the perfect trousers to your body, and one step farther from the crises in the test room.
Do you have long rods?
If you are one of those lucky types who have acquired yourself a pair of long and delicious bars, then you know also that it can actually be really hard to find the right jeans, which both fits in length while in the fit.
Avoid as far as possible, the jeans that bits. Although it looks super chic addition to your short-legged friend, so it still gets your legs look even farther out than they are – and we’re talking on the usexede and a little lanky which way!
You should also avoid too big pants. They give as baggy as they can give you a long and flat butt.
Go for:
Skinny jeans, also known as slim fit, has been in in many seasons and is still a sure winner. They are perfect for you with long legs, as they highlight your delicious long shape.
If you have long legs, so must you also want to be proud of it. Pants in bright shades, patterns and colorful colors, are perfect to accentuate your legs.
Wear and holes is here to stay, and they are absolutely essential for your long legs – they attract for lots of attention.
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Do you have short legs?
Are you one of those who stood in the back of the queue as there were distributed long modelben, so can it just be extra hard to find the perfect jeans. When you have finally found some that fit the bum, waist and hips – you’re about to skvatte in them, because they are too long.
There are rolled-up pants, pirate pants and trend “boot-in-pants” – these things don’t do anything good for your already short legs.
To use too many different colours and materials that share your outfit up. It divides your body and causes it to appear lower.
Go for:
Should it happen that you find the perfect pants, but they are too long and you skvatter in them, so is the bailout just around the corner – the tailor! Although it may seem a little confusing, it’s actually a really good investment to go to the tailor. They can handle it on zero-comma-five, it often costs no more than 100 dollars and so is your new favorite pants ready for use.
Go for jeans with bootcut jeans that go straight down or. The cheater eye, and get your legs to look further out.
Trousers in dark shades, also get your short legs to appear longer.
A good trick is to go for Jeans that are in the same shades as your shoes and uppers. It makes you look taller.
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You have wide hips?
It can be a perpetual struggle to find jeans that fit on the hips and waist at the same time, when you have wide hips. Either they are too big in life, or we must recognise that it is not today we get them over the rumpetten and hips.
High-waist jeans – they do nothing good for your hips and get them to seem wider than they are. If you absolutely can’t do without your high-waisted pants, then combine them with a long shirt that goes down on the hips, to balance the wide hips.
Go for:
The popular bootcut jeans and trousers with straight legs, also known as the straight model, is really good for your body shape, they are given for your hips to appear narrow.
Low-hanging pants are a good idea, since it fits well to your figure and gives good symmetry in relation to the waist and hip.
One can hardly avoid having a pair of skinny jeans in his closet, and in order to get the best out of them, then combine them for example with biker boots or some other form of robust boot – it gives again a super good symmetry to your wide hips.
It is said before and will be mentioned again – dark shades flatter!
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Do you have a little extra on your stomach that you’d like to hide?
Do you have a little extra on your stomach that you’d like to hide, so it can be hard to find jeans that have the whole package – i.e. jeans, which sits well on the bum, can be closed over the abdomen and which at the same time does not make you look like a tomato in the head due to lack of air. We have the solution to how to tame your dor.
Low-hanging jeans – they give the opposite effect and highlights your page Dor instead of hiding them.
Belts and similar cords around the hips and waist – the highlights just what you’d like to hide in your body.
Short topbluser that just highlights this area that you would like to appear slimmer.
Go for:
Stretch, stretch and stretch – it’s your best friend, and it can do wonders and keep the models in place. If you find a pair of high-waisted jeans, you have completely mastered forms.
Bootcut jeans or pants with straight legs are the most slimming, you can wish for. However, you must remember to find some models, which are high-waisted and preferably stretchy.
Blouses and t-shirts there sits a little loose and goes a long way down over your pants is also a super trick, if you have a little belly fat that you would like to hide.
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Do you have robust thighs?
Do you have robust thighs, it can be a struggle to find a pair of jeans that fits perfectly everywhere. They just sit in the closet either around the waist, but looks like two sausages on the thighs, or scroll crushed also we find some pants that actually makes our thighs bouncy style, on the delicious way, but there could be two of us at the waist. We have here some tweaks to the os, such as running around with plump thighs.
Too many details on your jeans. They provide for attention on just the types that you would like to tone down – keep it simple, and preferably the same colors.
Skinny jeans – they are often not very good for us with full thighs and highlight them instead.
Trousers with wear in places that you don’t want to highlight – this will make your thighs look larger and more robust.
Go for:
Pants with stretch, but they must not be so tight that they range all the way into your thighs. Select a size that feels comfortable, and you don’t have to fight your way down in.
Go after dark jeans or jeans with a uniform pattern, they give a slimming effect.
High-heeled shoes or boots are your best friend – it makes your legs look longer, and at the same time get it your thighs look slimmer.
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