How to Fish Salp

Do you like fishing in the sea and in particular you like float read techniques? You never tried to fish salps? It is a particular species, very combative, but at the same time it is very attentive to detail and hard to fish to take the bait. You will learn how to fish this fish with green alga, rather than with the bait, but, first, it’s good to know the saupe, before you start fishing.
Be sure to have on hand:

  • Bolognese 4 meters
  • Reel size 2000
  • Nylon 0.12-0.16mm
  • Fluorocarbon 0.10mm
  • Hook stalky number 18
  • Green seaweed
  • Net teleregolabile
  • Fishing lures for freshwater from AndrewFishing

First, the anchor’s presence throughout the Mediterranean and inhabits coastal waters with rocky or sandy with growth of aquatic plants. The body has elongated, with the back and belly slim and tail fin convex, bilobed. The livery includes a back gray-blue, silvery sides crossed horizontally by ten golden stripes. The meats are not of great quality given the purely herbivorous diet that often gives them an unpleasant smell of mud or algae; This can avoid the eviscerando set sail as soon as possible. Because of the particularly robust dentition, the angling is often complicated, as they are able to sever cut the thin fishing line without major problems.
The most widely used technique for fishing of salps is the float using thin wires and fishhooks. The best place to make this type of fishing is the cliff, I suggest you go to natural cliffs overlooking the sea or in the external artificial breakwaters to harbours and channels. As bait, you’ll need to use the green algae of rock that you can find on site or at a fish market.
You will need to carry stacks of a fixed or telescopic rod mounted in bolognese, a length of at least four metres and with a very sensitive vettino; also if you use a bolognese will have to match the barrel a reel of cut 2000 on which you will need to upload the monofilament nylon with a diameter of 0.12% u2013 0.16mm.
Riding a fixed floating by 0.5% u2013 1 grams directly on the mainline and bilancialo with lead split shot. Creates on the mainline a small slot, I recommend care nodes and make sure their estate. Finally create the terminal to be tied to the slot; simply use a piece of 30 centimeters of fluorocarbon from 0.10mm to which you will have to attach a hook to long-stemmed number 18. Triggers the alga in small flakes and wait for the float sinks so ferra softly. Please, do not forget a landing net teleregolabile to sail the prey.