How to Fit in Jeans

Jeans are and will be an everyday favorite in our wardrobe. Ranging from the cold winter months for those hot summer evenings hitter pants in blue shades. We women have since also owned jeans in all its forms through time. Both the short and the long, the bright and the dark ones have found their way to our suit shelf. Since we were quite small, and perhaps would prefer to go in fine Princess dresses, we have been stuffed in a few classic blue jeans.

Today, we are crazy about them, and they are a must in our trouser collection. Our jeans have of course changed a little expression through time. We cannot deny that there have been periods of time where they just could not be baggy enough, bumpy enough or tight enough. Yet jeans the jeans, and you’ll find a few that just a perfect fit, so there is good reason to fit really well on them. You will not necessarily get tired of them, just because the years go by, and trends change. A pair of well-fitting jeans goes for never really out of fashion. That is why it is also important that you treat your favorite jeans in a way so they keep as long as possible. Therefore you get here, 10 super good tips from elaineqho will help you fit great on your jeans.
Wash your jeans as rarely as possible. Keep in mind that jeans adapts to your body, and when you wash them, they lose form.
Have you had your jeans with a tour of the city, so they have come to smell of smoke? Then hang them up in the bathroom while you walk in bath, or air them outside for a few hours to remove the smell. In this way, you avoid to wear them in the washing machine.
Penetrates your jeans to be washed, then give them instead a walk in freezer to keep bacteria down.
Are your jeans spotted, so spot clean them, instead of giving them a tough trip in the washing machine.
Is it necessary to wash your jeans, so remember always to turn inside out on them, so they do not lose too much color.
Wash your jeans at temperatures as low as possible in order to spare them. You can also use vinegar instead of detergent, so you avoid that puts out washing powder in the folds.
It might be a good idea to give a little more money for jeans that are in good quality. The money is often really well spent on a pair of hot pants, as you just want to be happy year after year.
It is a good idea not to pack your jeans too close together in the closet because denim fabric need to get air and breath.
Once you have your favorite jeans on, so try to avoid nails, træsplinter and the like, which can grab the fabric and ruin your dearest possession.
Try to save your favorite pants for special occasions when you want to look good. Hop for example in a few other pants when you just tinker around alone on Sundays. On the way, they get a longer life.
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