How to Maintain a Football

Many people do not know how to clean their best football after a workout or competition. Often they take the wrong shoes that go significantly faster than broken when they should be treated with care. Moreover, many football boots are quite expensive, so it is a shame that they are easily broken. How can you now maintain the best?

Types Football

There are two different types of football:

  • Synthetic football;
  • Learn football.

Synthetic Football

Generally, you do synthetic football treat less intense than leather soccer shoes. Often, cleaning with a damp cloth will suffice. It can also be cleaned with a soft brush and water are sufficient. With fat, for example, leather is leather necessary. If you make sure you after the game or practice clean the shoes, the shoes last longer.
Synthetic shoes have their advantages and disadvantages.

  • The shoe does not absorb moisture. As a result, there does not occur or hardly any cracks in the material.
  • Synthetic football is cheaper than leather soccer shoes;
  • Maintaining shoes do not take much time.


  • Synthetic football seems shorter than leather soccer shoes.
  • The shoe does not fit to the foot, and thus have a moderate fit;
  • The wearing of synthetic soccer shoes means little feeling for the ball.

Leather Soccer

Leather soccer shoes as opposed to synthetic football a lot of care. After you purchase the shoes they need to be lubricated with ledervet. The shoes after every game and / or training to clean and dry and sometimes go to lubricate them anymore. Through the fat continues smoothly to the shoes. It is important that the shoes should not be too often lubricated, namely that it would be to ensure that the leather stretches, and it is not the intention.
Leather football has its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Leather soccer shoes have a good fit, because leather molds to the foot;
  • Leather football shoes provide great ball feel;
  • The shoes are durable and are therefore sustainable. However, this is only so when the shoes are well maintained.


  • The well-kept and many of the shoes are necessary;
  • The leather absorbs moisture. As a result, there is a chance that there are cracks in the leather. To prevent this, the shoes should be retained.


Some tips for your football boots to give a longer life.

  • It is best to meet after training or competition to clean football boots and possibly fat. Let the shoes never sit long in the bag;
  • Never put your football boots on or under a heater to dry them, but stop, for example in magazines. The newspapers draws moisture out of the shoe;
  • Sometimes the laces of the boots are too long. Cut them to length and melt the ends of shoelaces then carefully sealed with such a match. This ensures that they are slower than fraying;
  • Never use for cleaning your football cleaners, because it is bad for sewing;
  • Particularly in the football discloses the use of a shoe tensioner may be useful. Which ensures that the shoe keeps its shape.