How to Maintain Sneaker

DST = Sneaker time. The lightweight shoes made ​​of cloth or leather are comfortable and stylish. Personally, I love brightsneakers to my summer wardrobe. But as so often crackles this summer sometime rain down again and turned my white or light gray sneaker pretty dirty shoes. In addition, the life leaves traces: dust, leftovers, mud and other dirt Bringer. But all that does not bother me, because with proper care will Sneaker again really nice and clean. Here I like to share my tips with you, how can you maintain sneaker. If you even more ideas for trainers care have, then please write in the comment-I’ll try it anyway!

Maintain Sneaker: as Sneaker Again be Radiantly Beautiful

§  Brushing, Scrubbing And Washing

Coarse dirt and dust are brushed very classic. In leather sneakers brushing is the first step for cleaning and also the last, because you polish them in this way can. Light cotton shoes are superficially cleaned in this way. If there are visible stains exist, then you reach the old cloth. With detergent and some water you schrubbst away the stain and let the trainers then dry thoroughly. Alternatively, you use an eraser that is used very cautiously.


Sneaker leather you can miss a protective layer with impregnation. The agents maintain the material so that it is neither brittle nor becomes rough. Thanks to this layer can be removed more easily dirt. However, they must be applied again and again after cleaning.

§  Cleansing Foam

Sneaker care: For every shoe material there is a special cleansing foam, which you can apply after brushing. Fabric sneakers are rubbed with it and treated with a brush. Subsequently the shoes are at the dried air . Leather sneaker obtained before impregnation also a serving cleansing foam which is nourishing simultaneously.

§  Aids For Different Spots

You’ve brushed, scrubbed and washed-the grass stain is still there. Well then you go for hardball because for each spot there is a solution. Grass creeps them with a good dose of alcohol. This you do not drink, but wear it on the stain. Alcohol to clean you get in the drugstore and household a useful aid. Turpentine is also part of the shoe cabinet. So you remove grease stains, black streaks and other stubborn stains. A half-hour bath in bleach can maintain your bright stained shoes back bright beautiful. But beware: A delicate sole attacked them. Therefore, you should definitely try it before buying or once try other means.

§  Stay Away From The Washing Machine

Although it is tempting simply to put shoes in the washing machine as recommended by Shoe-Wiki; do not do it better. Hot glued rubber soles can be solved, Prints tear on the form may change. Also, take it damage the washing machine.
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