How to Make a Buckle Dog Collar

Dog collars come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, sizes and styles. Flat buckle collars are very popular because they are simple and easy to use, and most dogs tolerate them well. Collars can be very expensive, but with a few simple items and a little work, you can do many cool with your personal flair.
Things You’ll Need:
Strong scissors
Flat buckles
The Marker
Flat colorfast belts
Heat source
Flexible tape measure
Flat or decorative screws

Great nail
Decoration (Sparks, crystals, whatever you choose)
The Strong fabric glue
Show More Instructions: 
Get accurate measurement of your dog included on Measure around the middle of your dog’s neck, adding six inches to ensure enough extra to secure the lock. Cut the ribbon according to this length and melt all your heat source to avoid abrasion.
Slide the latch over the tape and fold it over, marking a safe place with a marker. Keep nails with pliers, and warm it over the heat source. Once hot, press the nail through the bar marked spot, making sure to go all the way through the tape. Removal of the nail and are placed in one of the screws through the opening. If you use a decorative one, make sure the decorative part is not based on the dog’s skin. Tighten it with a screwdriver to ensure that holds your buckle tight.
Place the collar around the dog’s neck and pull it tight to fix the place where you have to put holes in the collar. Tick ​​the right areas with tag and remove the form of a neck collar of the dog. Again, heat the nail and press it into the marked areas, making sure to poke holes all the way through the marked places.
After the collar has cooled and melted tape is no longer sticky, you can put the collar back on the dog to ensure it fits correctly. If you want to use D- ring for attaching the outcome, you can slide the ring on the collar before it deforms, then your lead can be firmly anchored.
If you want to decorate your collar, you can do it now. Any variety of crystals, gems, ribbons, or any other type of decoration you choose can be glued onto the collar. If you want to provide a little more, you can sew them, but this is not necessary. Be sure to use non-toxic fabric glue to attach your jewelry and let them dry completely before letting your dog strut in his brand new collar.