How to Make a Cozy Garden

Place the dream of sweetness and poetry through these facilities filled with warmth. Comfort, warmth and invitation to relax with family reign in those corners where you would like to bask more than a night…

Peters Billiards
Lanterns and lamps
to create a warm and cozy, lanterns, lanterns and garlands are the best allies in soft light. To stay on top of the terrace to hang or lay on the ground: your choice for a timeless atmosphere and poetic.
Tip: Mix sizes, shapes and multiply the points of light
Tongue in Cheek Antiques
Sails on the terrace
When temperatures soften, you get the full long dinners by framing exterior terrace curtains in cotton voile. For a few, we almost feel a light breeze moves the fabrics…
Tip: Add some candles or candlesticks randomly everywhere for a bohemian chic touch.
As the movies
Who does not dream of outdoor cinema? If you are lucky enough to have a white wall available in your garden or yard, you can simply add an overhead projector, some chairs or cushions and lying down in the grass to enjoy a movie outdoors.
Tip: Think lightweight chairs rather inclined and easy to move. Take as few throws for even more comfort, not to mention the popcorn!
A barbecue
Family Night is often synonymous with barbecue. Here, the terrace is well organized: a barbecue area on the right with the meal portion is separated by plants and finally a sofa left. Compartmentalized by use but open space allows everyone to enjoy the evening without embarrassment.
Tip: A row of plants is still a very effective way to define spaces without partitioning.Place the grill in an angle for better circulation and easier use.
Angles cozy
To accentuate the warmth of your outdoor space, consider “draw” an area by installing sofas or chairs right angle or creating a circle almost closed. The atmosphere will be immediately more relaxing and exchanges.
Tips: Rythmez all with pots, plants, stools or cushions varied.Not to forget the final touch: a fire spirit “camp” around which will meet late into the night.
Mattresses islands
to rest and enjoy an evening in a relaxed atmosphere, mattresses invest the terrace. We can sit together to discuss more, have a drink or even watch the stars once stretched above: a friendly solution!
A rounded seat
While wood, corner sofa fits perfectly into the whole terrace. With a wooden slatted backrest, it closes with a rounded corner: we immediately want to settle there.
Tips: Place large cushions to make the comfortable posture. We copy the idea bass mini round tables carved from tree trunks: practice and match the decor.
A chair swing
a suspended seat? An idea Deco unusual and irresistible! Wicker and is light in its shape reminiscent of a nest. We want to be cradled.
Tip: Vary the seating possibilities: maxi-bags, stools, ottomans, benches … Everything at FranciscoGardening will be even more user friendly.
A teepee
In a garden, tepee brings a childlike and magical dimension.At once playful and aesthetic, it will allow more young people to share the evening with the greatest while having fun.
Tip: Ask small quilts to soften the interior.
Large tables
The long rectangular wooden table is THE essential part of an evening where family meals are extended to infinity. Under a pergola or on the terrace, we moved there in number to share pleasant moments.
Tips: Multiply the soft light points through suspensions, candle holders or lanterns. Arrange fresh floral arrangements, small bouquets on the table or plants around.
A green wall
full immersion in the green thanks to the patio to cocoon of air while vegetation. The lighting is very warm thanks to the lights placed on floor and garlands.
Tip: Reinforce the “green” side with green armchairs, too. Place cubes or wooden elements as a camp stools or tables. A perfect place to end a lovely evening,