How to Make a Nail Art Santa Claus

If you are passionate of Christmas decorations, then this guide is right up your alley. Decorating for Christmas is not just about fill the house with objects that evoke, as garlands, red candles, tablecloths and china with drawings of Santa Claus and his reindeer, but also means to immerse yourself in the Christmas spirit of doing things that directly involve our person. I have intrigued? Well then, read on because soon you’ll discover how to make a Father Christmas nail art, and turn your hands into something truly unique and original.
Make sure you have on hand:
thin and medium brushes for nail art, red enamel, black enamel, pink nail polish, neutral glaze, white glaze.
With this nail art, your hands will buy something extra and certainly conquer the interest and curiosity of friends and relatives. I will explain in a simple way how to turn your hands into a small and very nice Santa Claus by Beautypically, where every nail a welcome part of this beloved character. The face you place on the nail of the ring, while the rest of the body will be distributed on the remaining fingernails. You can not help but be excited.
Started the procedure, laying on nails except on the ring, a layer of enamel red lights. The nail remained on the ring, it will be glazed with a neutral flesh-tone color to regain the color of Santa’s face. Draw a vertical line simply helping with a striper white. The line must be thick enough and need to be drawn at the center of all the red nails. Now, you will have to draw a line with a black striper no longer in the vertical direction but in the horizontal of the same size as the previously marked white line. Always with a striper but this time golden, draw a square in the middle of the black line that will serve to form more or less the gold belt buckle from Santa Claus.
We pass the ring. Take a thin brush, designed with red nail polish on, a crescent on the highest part of the nail that will represent the Santa Claus hat. Helping with a slightly larger brush or a dotting tool, create the shot with white enamel, which will form the hair that will escape from the hat. Always with the same brush and white enamel created a growing big ball which will form the hat cheerleader and two lines in the form of “v” on the lower part of your nail that will create Santa’s mustache. Finally, take a brush and thin with black enamel designed pink nose in the middle of the mustache, and eyes. You will get your Santa Claus!
Never forget:
To finish it all off, past a layer of clear nail polish to the end of work.